A nothing post for Schaubs....

Schaubs says, "Bloggers are boring."

Not sure what's going on for everyone else out there but hopefully, a fun filled life is just getting in the way of blogable material. That's what it is for this kid! Besides looking for the perfect un-retirement opportunity nearly 24/7, I've had the chance to actually enjoy a little summer time and the weather. A real switch for me for sure.

Tonight I'm supposed to finish a match play team game for our Tuesday golf league. We started it last Tuesday and after the results, I really have no interest in playing. It's a team format where the entire group is split into two sides, based on handicap. Then you play as a two man team against another two man team, 3 holes alternate shot, 3 holes scramble and 3 more holes playing your own ball, for a best ball team score.

In my match we dominated, taking 7 wins and halving the other two holes. I was on fire! I finished birdie, birdie, birdie in the 'own' ball section. I've never putted so well. It's always been my downfall.

So I get all wound up about the big win, only to find out we were the only two that won on our team. We win seven HUGE points for the squad in one single match, just to find our team is down, that's DOWN, by 11 total.

I hate losing at golf! (did I ever mention that?) But nothing eats away at me more than being a winner, when I'm actually losing. (does that make sense?) I need to get pumped up for tonight, but the wind is out of my "team" sails.

I just made my mind up however, that I'm going to dig in and approach it as a singles match. Maybe my teammate could carry my clubs?


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

You linked to yourself, I love it.

Schaubs said...

C'man. I know you are a team guy so I don't take what you say to seriously. Your team needs you now more than ever!

LOL at title of post.

BamBam said...

Won 7 of 9 holes in my match.
Team lost by 1 overall.
Golf sucks.

Schaubs said...

U R such a ringer.

DrChako said...

With enough notice, I would have carried your clubs.