When time flies, where does it go....

Busy couple of days getting ready for Not-so-mini-Peb's Graduation tonight.


It's truly one of those very surreal times, as I consider my "baby" graduating High School. It's not the "my little girls all grown up," thing. Nore is it, "man I'm getting old," either. It's all about the time passing in an extraordinary hurry.

I won't regale anyone with diaper change or scraped knee stories. There's no real reason to bring up any specific memories that occurred over her years of education as a matter of fact. Every memory from this time frame is special, and picking one or two would be impossible to do. It's just that I can't believe that the years have passed so quickly. I know we hear it all the time and hell, I can't begin to count the number of times I've said, "time flies," to someone else. But at this particular moment in time, the realization of just how quickly time is capable of passing is hitting me like a 20lb. sledge.

I'll be sticking with my glass is 1/2 full attitude for certain here however. Time flies when you're having fun and let me tell you something. It's been a hell of a lot of fun growing old with my baby girl.

OK.... Just one proud Daddy thing and I'll move on.


In poker news, no news is good news. I'll be taking a short hiatus from NLHE for sure. I've found myself caring less and less for the game and I feel it's from playing too much. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest, so I'm going to work on something else for a bit. I've been dabbling more and more into the RAZZ games of late, and I've also been having some fun in the slightly higher level HORSE tournies as well. Despite only managing to break even financially so far in the HORSE events I've entered, I see potential for these things to be rather profitable in the long run. I know I'm at least a descent HORSE player and with a bit more patience and practice from playing in a few more of the games, I feel pretty good about my chances to make a buck or two over the next little while.

I've been noticing how truly easy it is to pick out everyones specialty in these HORSE events. It's like bright neon signs waving over their names that yells out, "HEY !! I'm into Omadraw," or "LHE's my game everyone!" I'm finding that if I can recognize their game fairly quickly, it makes it a ton easier to get them off of hands, (or even better, get a bunch of their chips!) in one of the other formats that they may not be as comfortable with.

I think I'll run the ten event challenge with these HORSE events, and we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Mr. Bankwell said...

I'm surprised you are not more into HORSE because you have said you are a Stud player.

3 games are Stud based and they all follow each other, so you can basically sit tight during Hold'em and OH/L and then come out firing during the Stud games.

I find the split and low games to be my strengths so I sit tight during the Hold'em and Stud round and come firing out during the other games.

Trouble with the Hold’em round (which is a game I think I am strong at) is every one thinks they know how to play and the pots get stupid and people play crazy. I wish they had an ORSE/SORE game.

DrewFours said...

Congratulations on helping mini-pebs get to this point in her life.

Receiving her diploma is a huge accomplishment for her, as well as you and Pebbles. I can SO relate to what you're feeling!

Riggstad said...

a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! for mini-pebs

Congratulations to you all!

muhctim said...

Good things happening to good people. . .Congrats all the way around!!!!