BBT5 ~ The Battle Royale....

Well THAT didn't quite go according to plan!

Sometimes merely playing poker just isn't quite good enough and yesterday, well it was just one of those days.

After showing two "Bammer's" early on, I took advantage of a pretty nice flop when VinNay was interested in seeing some cards.

Yeah I had TPTK but I think having the 9-3 out there, was just enough to scare Vin out of the pot.

VinNay then put me to the test a little later. After my early position raise, Vin jammed in on me and I had to make a decision with just a small pair.

I know, I know! I'm probably supposed to make the call there no matter what. I didn't though and you know what? It wouldn't be the last time I'd fold those cards.

Smokkee and I then got in to it on one hand. I actually wasn't that thrilled about holding my Asian-Jew here, but the price was right to see it all the way through.

Of course what kind of tournament report would this be, if I didn't insert at least one token "Bammer" shot for the win?

I had one major bluff hold up here against PinkyStinky, when I knew the only way I could win was to make a move.

After just chugging along for a bit, Fuel put me to the test with the 88 once again.

I guess I just wasn't ready to leave yet, so I folded them again.

Then I guess when I was finally ready to get off the table, I seriously over played my pocket pair.

"There's only two hands ahead of me." I said, as I jammed pre-flop.
Of course, I was up against one of them!

So I bust.

So that's it for my BBT5.

I managed to final table/in the money right on 30% of the games I played and thanks to AlCantHang and the fine folks at FullTilt Poker, I net a tidy little $562.00 profit for my efforts. Not exactly the cash I was hoping for when I dedicated myself to playing well in this thing, but far more than I probably deserved!

AlCantHang ~ You are the man!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Memphis MOJO said...

Q-Q into K-K is pretty much a cooler.

If you were playing live and had a good read, you might get away from it, but it's hard to do that when playing online.