Get your McLovin' on....

Every once in awhile, our little community manages to actually do something pretty damn good. When most of us spend so much time in the grey area that naturally comes with degeneracy, it makes you feel awesome when something like this is about to happen. Because I certainly know when the cause is worth supporting, the cool kids will get behind it big time.

Some time ago, one of ours and his family needed a little help and a large portion of that help, came in the form of the Ronald McDonald House. During that time, another one of us got to see from the outside looking in, just how amazing the RMH really is and decided to try and garner the place some support.

So here's the plan.

~Go ahead! Gank the banner and post it at your place.

With the ten's of thousands of dollars that FullTilt Poker and AlCantHang had just recently thrown our way, I fully expect this thing to hit at least 100 players, if not more!

Remember kids Poker Blogger charity, is the bestest kind!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....