Frantic Friday : The Perspective Edition.... (my guess, NSFW)

I've always thought that Perspective was a pretty funny thing. For one thing, there's so many different ones out there! There's even different Perspectives, on Perspective! How crazy is that?

Take for example a simple mindset that occurs with just one word.

Java. To some, this is Java.

To others, this is Java.

When I say Twister, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Was it something along these lines?

Did you maybe go more broad scope and think of the entire film? Or are you more like me than you'd probably like to admit, and went with something like this instead?

Sometimes Perspective can be influenced by a couple of factors and they can greatly change Perspective for you.

Sometimes Perspective can be tricky to gain too! There are natural factors out there that can play tricks on your brain and/or eyes, so be careful! Now this one is all natural and can be very tricky to see. But stick with it and keep focussed, you'll eventually see what I mean.

Now some out there are just trying to take it to the next level. But faking nature isn't as easy as it sounds or looks. I mean come on! Eventually you'll make out how fake that blue is in the water!

There are also those that see every side of Perspective and they really know how to have fun with it. The guy that created, "The Lamp" poster for example. Despite the Persective he was trying offer us, he was apparently having a little more fun than he was letting on! I like that. I like that a lot!

So here's my two cents worth on Perspective. Firstly, you should always take the time to assess the information available to you, and I mean ALL of the information.

Take for example uuuuuuuuhhhhh..... uuuuummmmm..... OH I know! Playing on the tracks. We all know how dangerous it is to do, but I bet most of us have done it at least once right? So here's one point on Perspective. Sometimes no matter how good an idea it seems or, no matter how good it looks, it can still get you in a lot of trouble!

Now don't think for one second that I'm saying a little play makes a situation bad or dangerous. If you know me at all, you'll know it's quite the opposite actually. In fact, I'm all for not completely growing up and playing a lot more than most. It's what keeps us all young! So my second tidbit on Perspective is to not take it, (or yourself) too seriously and play a little when you can.

So here's a little 'Bamshack' type test for you, to see what you've learned today about Perspective. There probably isn't really a right or wrong answer but going on popular opinion, I think I can safely say what the majority will think of your initial response to this test.

So..... Good Luck



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Memphis MOJO said...

I still don't see the waterfall, must be time for another eye checkup.

DrChako said...



OhCaptain said...

It's amazing that you can say so much without typing one single word. You are a genius.

lightning36 said...

I am speechless ...

Instant Tragedy said...

I go on a surgical blogreading sabbatical and I miss this. Hell, this would have snapped me aout of my funk 10000 times faster.

Genius. Pure genius.