I thinks I gots the virus....

Seeing everyone Saturday night was so much fun! The Carsino was packed with four full tables and much pokering did occur. A night like that makes me really get excited for Eh-Vegas now! I have stories and pictures that should get up here sometime soon but for now, I'm going to focus on getting rid of whatever it is that's trying to make me sicker than a dog.

Back soon.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Hope you are better in time for tonight's TFO.

BWoP said...

Feel better soon!

I am *so* bummed I missed your call on Saturday - I bet there would have been a dial-a-shot and lots of telephonic (((HUGS))) involved.

Instant Tragedy said...

Hope you are better. I'm ok, not good, blew a steri strip and I have a 3 inch gash in my stomach.


If you wouldn't be giving Dino Tongue you wouldn't be sick heh