People Google the darndest things....

Part of beeing a bad blogger I guess, is not really paying attention to your stats. Well maybe not "bad" exactly, but if you have a tracker, it definitely makes you lazy!

So OK sue me, I'm a lazy blogger!

The other day as I was changing something up in my stat tracker thingy, Peb's leans over my shoudler and says, "Anything I should be worried about there Bam?"

As is typical with me, I just stared back with a blank expression, hoping for a little clarification to the question.

You see, at the top of my screen was the last ten "key words" that got searchers to come over and hit up bedrock.

bam bam fucks betty
pebbles and bam bam do it
big pecker
bam-bam and pebbles having sex
wife loves red pecker
bam bam fucks his girls
what is felasheo
bam bam Stuffed animal sex
pebbles y bam bam xxx

All I could say was, "No really, I swear! People google the darndest things!"

This made us both LOL and so, we continued on to check out all of the key words being used to get here.

Now of course, I won't bore you with every single one of them that has been used. But I do sense a fairly recurring theme!
Do you?

bambam fuck wilma
Pebbles y Bam Bam porn
tree with big pecker
felasheo huh
pretty peckers
pebble y bam bam XXX sex
pebbles and bambam sex game
Bam-Bam's nsfw
big pecker shirts
naked chics by bam
facial expressions of bam bam in sex
bam bam xxx betty
hot just 4 bam bam
pebbles and bam bam xxx
sex weekend at barneys
do felateo
bam bam and pebbles sex emotions
bam-bam fucks wilma
bam bam fucks betty
little bam bam fucks HO good
bamm bamm fucking pebbles
our first fuck
biggest donkey 2 dicks
bam bam and pebbles fucking
The biggest donkey dick in the world
big peckers.com
I do felasheo
perfect azz bam-bam
big peckers
bam bam fucking betty
bam-bam fucks Betty
bambam topless
blogger porn
bam bam porn star

And for sure the winner is :

self felasheo

However you got here....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


OhCaptain said...


Nick said...

"facial expressions of bam bam in sex" - for some reason that made me laugh out loud.
Why would someone google that??
Human beings never cease to amaze me...

Riggstad said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Pebbles y Bam Bam Porn!!!

You got spanish friends!!!!!