Frantic Friday : The Geekpreciation Edition.... (NSFW)

Last night after Golf, I ran into an old buddy that I hadn't seen in far too many years. It was great to see he'd safely made his way home from Afghanistan and was of reasonable sound mind and body, ( for him :) ) as well. Catching up with each other after so very long apart, definitely called for a :

or two and some time to shoot the shit. The man had just completed his second tour of duty over there and not surprisingly when they found out, all drinks and dinner were on the Manager of the bar. Nice gesture indeed!

After a lot of talk about what it was like for him over there, we turned our attention to the future. My buddy would be looking for work but not in the accounting field where he worked when he'd left. In the Army he's stumbled across an interest that turned into a time killing hobby over there. He seriously wants to become a full time :

now. I think that's really great too! I know quiet a few guy's in the garage and body shop business, so I gave him a few names and numbers. I called one buddy this morning to give him the heads up and as is typical with Rob, I just found out he made the call and hired my buddy on the spot, blind with no interview, no skill level test, nothing!

"You served our country and Bammer says you're OK, that's fuckin' good enough for me!"

Anywho.... part of our conversation last night was about this place and what it does for me. I was thrilled to find out that the hits I was getting from a military site were in fact my buddy. I did suspect it of course, but it was great to get some confirmation. When we talked about Frantic Friday's, my buddy had a pretty solid opinion on the matter.

"There really great Bam..... BUT !!!"

He wanted to know why I spent so much time on :

looking for pictures of beautiful :

of :

in :

type shots.

Now I know this guy loves a great pair of :

and didn't go all :

on me, while he was away. Hell! Even as Sheila behind the bar was telling us why this :

was probably one of her best :

ever, my buddy got busted checking out her :

Which really looked incredible by the way, thanks to a truly fantastic :

doing what it is, that they do best!

So I plain out asked him why he thought I was wasting my time.

"Your missing the very best segment of the market Bam!" he exclaimed.

And after a hashing it out together, I totally agree with his point. I've been :

around looking for hot chicks in :

and/or a :

I keep looking in places where skantally clad model types, constantly need to keep :

rather then looking at the beauty right in front of me! And you know what?

Right here in Bedrock I have sort of a :

that stops by all the time. And although she's totally one of the true :

my buddy reminded me quite correctly, that :

I've often found that when you're getting it on with a geeky chick, once she's real comfortable with you and things are getting SOOOOOOOO hot and steamy, she'll eventually reveal a few of her :

It'll always start with something so innocent that turns really :

in a hurry too!

She might just ask you if you can :

or something. Maybe she's just looking really nerdy and geeky, while doing a little :

or comes across as a total :

as she's taking out the :

I can't really say what it is, but lately I've come to the conclusion that YES I still loves me some :

but I'm developing an over-whelming passion for the chicks that are true :

So there's two things we should all remember about the hawt geeky chicks. Despite what you might think, this is NOT what they are really thinking about, when they bring up :

and, they are usually true alcoholic light weights! That not only makes them cheap dates, but you can rest assured that as smart as they really are, they'll always try to practise :

So here in Bedrock, we call out not just to the red-hot Model types and athletically built hotties of the beach. We here in the cave also call on all of the geeky and nerdy chicks of HAWTness out there. We love you too Ladies!

And that's the kind of :

that folks like myself, can truly get behind! (if you know what I mean) Getting with a geeky chick and using just the right amount of :

may just be the only way to fly kiddies!

So it's with :

that I tell all the HAWT :

with :

to grab hold of them and enjoy.

Because we all know for certain how I feel about boobs, and let's face it :

Oh yes I would !

Rock on you crazy Geeky Gals !

Because you sassy little nerds would be the true :

behind this week's Frantic Friday!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

So here I was struggling to decide what to wear to the boat today when I read your post - I live for Frantic Friday's.

Talk Nerdy To MeI guess you made up my mind for me!

Memphis MOJO said...

Ah, I knew there was a reason I love Fridays!

The Wife said...

I think nerds are pretty cool . . .