What the short guy said....

*** NOTE *** This is merely one man's humble perspective.

I pride myself in carrying a half-full glass, whatever the situation confronting me is. Call me crazy if you see fit, but I personally still see it as a great privilege to have gravity holding me down onto our great big flying rock. It's just how I roll. But yesterday the little, ( but oh-so-wise ! ) one of our community, opened my eyes to a perfect situation, that clearly demonstrates how the human race has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Economically the devolution of mankind is simple to explain, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. The program for us humans was simple.

1) Learn to play and learn from play.
2) Learn to improve yourself.
3) Support your community.
4) Work hard for fair pay.
5) Save that hard earned cash for desired amenities.
6) Savour your accomplishment once achieved.
7) Pass these values on to your off spring and to those you mentor.
8) Do what you can to help support others in the program.

Well, that's the way it was supposed to happen anyway. In actual fact mankind became lazy, arrogant, fat and obsessed with our "right" to possessions and amenities beyond our reach. Our capacity to comprehend values such as hard work for fair pay and saving for what it is we desire, were launched out the window when we became a credit based society. Instant gratification with no regard to the adverse effect of over spending, simply became so common place within our species, that it is now just a way of life.

The new program reads something like this.

1) Learn to win at play, or be trampled by the strong.
2) Go to school.
3) To complete school, you need to "complete" your community hours.
4) Work at the level that you are paid for. They will give you a raise.
5) Bob's new TV looked great, borrow the $ to get one. Maybe move up to the next size?
6) Since you're getting that TV, the surround, a DVR and that new couch can all be put on credit too no?
7) I'll have to borrow some cash to put the kid through College.
8) Why should my taxes, help pay for a mosque in the neighbourhood?

Read what you want into all of that. I'm far from saying that everyone out there, falls into this new 'program' for humanity. I'm lucky enough to know hundreds of hard working and totally dedicated men and women from all over the world. But alas we are in a minority that quite literally, has no voice. We can only follow what we have been taught and teach these values as best we can to the next generation. But that again, is the economy. It is a thing, a symbol, a measuring stick for monetary success or failure, created by the species utilizing it. If it fails completely, so be it. We are a resourceful bunch. Trading sticks, rocks, straw or metal, will get us through the roughest of times.

That is unless....... we continue on the path we are on. Will we continue to judge prior to any information or knowledge of the situation? Even prior to that situation actually occurring?

And this brings me back to the the short little fellow and the real meat and potatoes of this post. What you are about to see was blatantly stolen from Ignatious. But it was stolen with a purpose. I see any opportunity to awaken the real human being inside even just one other person, as an opportunity to do some good for mankind. So please take the time to watch this all play out. I'll see you on the other side of it.

Can you be honest with yourself and express your true feelings as this progressed? Did your reaction change so dramatically, that you possibly looked like the faces in the crowd or even better, the faces of those humans paid to judge others on the show?

I can tell you that I am about as far from judgemental as it gets. But even I found myself ready for a complete and utter failure, right off the bat. That saddened me greatly. My disappointment in allowing myself to be lead into judgement prior to the activities as they unfolded, was palpable to yours truly.

So goes the advancement of our species. Our culture once constantly carried that half-full glass, looking for advancement and earning every reward along the way. That made the celebrations greater and the knowledge passed on, far more important than any material items that were gained or lost along the way.

When exactly the economy took it's turn, can be tracked down to a specific point in our History. An exact point, to be more specific.

When our culture turned to teaching us from the half-empty side of things, unfortunately cannot. It has been a long and cryptic journey through a few generations.

Having said that, I feel that the brunt of the blame can be put solely on my particular generation. The 40-somethings. Yes we had our parents to give us the life lessons we needed to survive. In the vast majority of our cases, we also had our Grandparents to assist in the process, to diversify our knowledge of all things correct and just. But we didn't really listen did we? We garnered more information than any generation before us, through a developing media age and the ingenuity that was, mankind and his technology quest.

Our generation made one serious mistake however. Rather than determine what that technology could do for us as a whole, rather than determine where that media took us, we jumped on a raft and let it all take us for a slow and gentle ride. A ride that finds us where we are today. As a species, how we get to our next destination is totally up to us. That is if we want it to be.

My failure to await judgement of a situation before an actual outcome, will be used as a lesson for my Daughter. As will my generations decision to ride along, rather than dictate our actual needs and wants to those providing the lead for us to follow. A lead that they determined for us, rather than the other way around. I can only hope that others out there will do the same, so the world can get back to much needed simpler times for the next generation.

Back to a time where something like this, was the toughest judgement that you'd ever have to take part in?

.... Mary-Anne .... or .... Ginger ???

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Katitude said...

You're making some pretty big generalisations there. I don't find humanity to be like that all, just a small segment of the privileged western world who has let the privilege go to their heads.

Riggstad said...

I knew you were a republican!

BWoP said...

Those stupid rotten bananas. Spoiling everything for the rest of us. Find the happy bananas. Then make daquiris!

The Wife said...

Hmmm . . . the professor.

PS - I too found myself a little horrified that I thought based on her humble appearance that her performance would be humble too - instead, it was humbling!