Life in the rear view....

Brudder Carson has a post up about looking back in time and the wonders of what would've or could've been. You can read it HERE if you like.

He's really got me thinking and wondering myself. One things for certain, I LOVE looking back!

In fact, I'm proud to say I'm an old "back-looker," and have been for a very long time!

Nothing really gets me fired up, like the thought of takin' a real good hard look back!

Now see! Don't you feel just a little bit better, after taking just a little time to reflect back on some of the really important things? I know I do!

OH !! That reminds me, we've also done a lot of work on Youranus! I should be able to get another update up here in the next few day's! Let me tell you! There's been an awful lot going on in Youranus, and I think I've managed to record just about all of it.

Looking back at last night's TuckFard games, what a blast! But that's true every week! With Thanksgiving day yesterday up here, the crowd was a little lighter than normal. But we managed to have a good time and sling my chips around to everyone fairly evenly I think. If I missed donking some off to you, no worries! I'll try and make it up to you next week!

Looking ahead, tonights a big night at cem's Skillz Series! It's STUD time kiddie winkles! I have a few too many loose ends I really need to get tied up before I can play. (one being to vote in our Federal election!) But I can't tell you how much I look forward to the game tonight.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

Looking back is easier with that sort of view.

DonKaaa said...

Thanks Bam ..... Looking back sure makes me appreciate the true beauties of life.

muhctim said...

Really nice picture books you've been posting. Are you ever gonna write anything again?? Oh wait, I just noticed some words in this post. On second thought, with nice pictures like that, why do you wanna waste space with words? Backwards, forwards, inspirational or rainbows, you gotta way with photos. Keep up the good work, Sir!!!

Shrike said...

Enjoyed playing with you. Thanks for agreeing to end the headsup battle by negotiation ... I have work that needs getting done yesterday!



Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Looking back is really great....but if I look back too often, the Mrs is going to kick me way way back!