Going, going, gone....

Going #1 -

Uh Duh ! Peb's and I are in !!!!

Going #2 -

I should be 'cause I absolutely loved the first one. For me, it all depends on how I feel and what time I actually manage to get my ass out of here tonight. I know I'm exhausted right now..... so unless a miracle second wind manages to find me, I just don't see it happening.


Gone -

Crazy, crazy couple of day's. I remember why I was going to start my own consulting/auditing business a few years back now though. I'm pretty freakin' good at this crap! Like good enough to have the answers in printed form, hitting both of the auditors ThinkPad keyboards before the question is even asked kind of good! Both auditors were about my age and I liked them both too. Very unusual these days, not to see an auditor right out of school and full of piss and vinegar and wrongful self-righteousness. To get two of the old school types during this ordeal, was beyond a treat and definitely bordering on davine interventional miraculousness of extraordinary proportions. At one point, I think I actually saw the Tea in my cup touching nothing but two sides!

Oh and another thing about guy's like this for auditors, they know their crap too! Uber-efficient and straight to the point. Yes the grey area is small BUT present and usable, as long as explanations are clear.

Results you ask? I done went 5 for 5. WoooOOOOoooT ME !
(sorry! No one around here is going to WOOT me, so I indulged)

So now as it always seems to go here in corporate Bedrock with these things, I'm just left to clean up the mess. I guess I could also sort through e-mails, catch up on all things, (mostly) work-related that no one did for me while I was busy solving the latest corporate crisis and then get the hell out of here.

Hmmmmm..... what was the good part about all this crap again?
Oh yeah..... ME!

WoooOOOoooT me.

= = = = =

I'm afraid Frantic Friday will have to be a game time decision kids. Peb's starts her new job on Monday and finishes up at the old place today. It's been a bit of a secret up until now I guess but,
WoooOOOoooT Peb's !!!!
I could really use a break and a day off sounds like just the ticket to me so, here we come Casino Rama.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Wolfshead said...

Hoping to make Vegas in March, depends on how the arm is, whether I feel I can manage the travel. Hope to see you and Pebs there.

Samn, forgot the Numblow was tonite, Right now I feel like crap and only want to go home and sleep. Looks like a game time decision.

Baywolfe said...

Congrats! As a developer I'm always outside looking in for audits unless somebody needs something.

You know why developers don't embezzle? We actually understand audit trails! ;-)


Memphis MOJO said...

Glad your audit went so well!