Frantic Friday : The what shirt edition.... (most likely, nsfw)

Alright alright! I wouldn't let you down on a Friday!

I crashed for a bit early and then I couldn't sleep. I ended up watching Schaubsy and Astin run to 2nd. and 3rd. in the NumBlowMe re-buy until about midnight or so instead. Railing is not enough to keep me busy though so instead of being selfish and playing a game myself at the same time, I put a Frantic Friday together for you.

= = = = = = =

So it's a done deal!

Peb's and I are headed to Rama for a little fun. But you see apparently, as I listen to my darling wife debate the big question that seems to be tormenting her to no end, today's toughest decision is all about the right gambooling attire. I didn't have any idea that this was going to be such a critical and pot altering question.

So it begs me to ask the ever frantic question, which colour do you really think is the luckiest?

See, I personally love the clean crisp lines that come with a bright and sharp looking White. There's just something spectacularly brilliant about using white in the right situation or, at the appropriate time. White can really add curves where they're needed and add highlight to all the areas that should be paid attention to. White is also the perfect oxy-moron. You see White always appears so impeccably clean, but we all know White's really dirty!

But there's supposedly some stupid "Winter White" rule or something and also, the fact that Black has that much more aggressive and tough look to it too. Black could be good for a little time at a $1/$2 table though.

I thought about Yellow a lot. I mean who wouldn't? Yellow is one of the most beautiful colours available and it can really catch your eye!

But it has seemed to me lately, that Yellow has become the new Blue. I mean you see it everywhere in the Casino nowadays and I do like to stand out just a little. Maybe I should go Blue?

Oh crap! I completely forgot about that Brown one Peb's keeps saying would look great on me.

Oh no wait! I can't go with the Brown. I don't really have anything that goes with that right now. I guess I'll have to get myself out and find something soon though, because Peb's is so right. I'd really like to see myself in that little number.

Well here's a really weird question that I can honestly say I never thought I'd be asking myself! Why the hell am I so focused on solids all of a sudden? I mean I have some great stuff with light prints that most of the other guy's well, they just drool over some of it! Hell! Most of them can't keep their hands off of them!

Of course, I've always been more partial to the darker printed patterns myself.

You know what? I think I've made my decision! I'm going to throw on a little mix 'n' match number and just have me some fun. Sometimes you just have to chill, decide to grab something, get yourself comfortably into it and then....

Just enjoy the ride!

Now there's really only one decision left to make, but it is an important one!

What do you mean what decision? Come on!

Everyone knows that you have to accessorise appropriately, or else the ensemble is going to be totally wasted as a package.
(I've really got to get all of you folks reading The Wife !)

So all I need to do now is.....




shoes !

Wish me luck !

I've really got to thank my Peb's for making me think this all through! It's been a fantastic and very educational process for me to discover. I'm definitely going to have to start giving my selections a whole bunch more thought from now on.

I should also thank my friends over at Bullz-Eye too. They've always been a crack research team, getting me past the incredible humps and bumps of any investigation. I've always been able to depend on them.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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