Another night, another laugh....

Another classic Monday night performance, with a little twist. Peb's played in The Open and busted out in 10th. right at first break. That allowed me to sign up for the second game and Donk around a little with the gang.

Great crowd of friends for both games once again. My special thanks to CEM, Muhc, Bay, Wolfie, SKI, Memphis, the beautiful Kat and Astin for making it out for the fun. Always makes my Monday night to 'see' each and every one of you.

Of course the usual TuckFard suspects were also present to make it an outstanding evening too. With brudder Carson, DonKaaa and the ever-luscious duo of Suzy_Q and RedNeckTuckFard, all making the show.

I sat and watched Peb's play in the NLHE portion of the night and tried to keep myself busy in the chatbox. She played well as usual, but could never really get anything going to build any sort of a chipstack up. She'd get the occasional two cards well worth seeing a flop with at a reduced rate, only to have either a monster raise come in behind her, or she'd whiff the flop completely and have to drop her holdings like a rock. She finally made her stand with an A-9 I believe, after a pre-flop raise from brudder Carson. She re-popped it saying, "I think he's got J-K or two similar face cards." I was amazed how acurate her actual read was when the cards were flipped up. But alas, her A-9 60/40 race against Q-K off ended like they all seem to do lately, with brudder C hitting the hell out of the board and damn near boating up. Well, when you're willing to race with less than stellar holdings, you are going to lose one or two of them aren't you? But it would be nice to see the odd better hand hold on just once in a while wouldn't it?

Mucho Congrats to cem for taking the Open down! Also to Memphis and ShockerKitten for making the cash. Well deserved by all.

So like I said earlier with Peb's out of The Open just at break, I had plenty of time to reset and sign in for the second game at 8:05 myself. I probably should have gone to bed instead! That's how well I ran. There was one really funny hand though, that sort of set up how the entire night would play out.

Cem and I were the only two interested in seeing a flop and so we did. There was minimum interest in it and the bet and call were very small. Then the turn and I'd made a straight. Now what do I do? I mean I really hate a middling straight in any split game, but I did pick up a draw to the nut flush and even a possible straight flush. The only thing I could really put cem on with that board, was possibly two pair or a set. So I checked to watch for the paired board on the river and cem checked behind. I make the nut flush and bet it out accordingly. As you can see, we chopped it up with a classic High/Low split on a Monday night. WE ROCK !!! :)

A little later on, I got impatient and played a few too many hands out of boredom. Nothing came of them at all and I realised that I was just spewing away chips by keeping busy. So I tightened the belt a notch and tried to improve the starting hand selection just a little bit. Apparently, I should've stuck with the more "creative" plan from earlier. Despite it costing pot and sometimes a double bet, I watched in amazement as hand, after hand, after hand was taken down by a luckbox catching on the river. It never mattered what the starting hand selection was either. A-J-9-7 rainbow.... Perfect! K-3-10-6 with four suits.... that's as good as it gets right there. I mean these hands were not just hitting, they were scooping at times. Over and over again, I saw excellent starting holdings turn into phenomenal draws, only to lose on the river. In many of the cases I had to go back to the HH's to see how the hell the hands worked out the way they did. I was in awe of the number of incredible draws that were hitting for this player. Oh and it's not sour grapes here either folks. I was not one of the ones this was repeatedly happening to!

I played a few hands that I thought were reasonable starters but as has been the case for a few weeks now in the second games, I would miss anything that came on the flops and turns completely. Like it couldn't get any farther away from my holdings if they really, really tried to miss... miss!

So with half a stack and 3-3-5-6 as a starter, once wolfie pushed his remaining 65 chips into the middle, I figured I'd take a shot and isolate him and those juicy chips in the blinds. I got a caller instead. I get my low draw flop and getting the rest in, just seems to be a no-brainer to me. I am called once again and of course, I hit nothing at all on the flop or turn and I'm done for the evening thank you very much.

It seems cem double-dipped into the TuckFard cashola with a third place finish and muhctim found himself with even more 08 H8, with a second place run. A new player to me, dfazman took down the win. Congratulations to everyone!

I then sat down at a couple of $1 9/player games for some real punishment. Early play was typically brutal. With hands the likes of A-2 off squaring off all-in against A-4 and A-3. They always settle down near the middle though and true to form, these did as well. So now I could start playing.

In the one game I was keeping myself occupied by counting the number of hands I was playing and tracking what were deemed call worthy hands against my big raises.

Game Hand #17 - My Hand #1 - Button raise 4x K-K - called by 9-J
Game Hand #28 - My Hand #2 - MP raise 3x A-A - re-raised by 7-7
Game Hand #30 - My Hand #3 - Button raise 3x Q-Q - called by 3-3
Game Hand #39 - My Hand #4 - BB re-raise 3x As-Ks - called by 10-J
Game Hand #46 - My Hand #5 - UTG limp, re-raise A-A - called by 4-4

My stats to that point? 10.8% played, 100% won.

How the hell I won those races after the way things have gone for me lately, I'll surely never know. Truly there must be some type of luck other than all bad out there somewhere. But why is it always in the non-bankroll boosting, $1 games?

Oh well, ces't la vie I guess.

Don't forget tonight is also Cem's Skillz game over on FullTilt! All the info. on it, can be found HERE.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


muhctim said...

As always--great fun was had by this donk. By the way, the magnet I sent you should sufficiently explain what a Gamecock is, and why, despite 100 years of anywhere from the depths of misery to heights of medocrity, Gamecock fans are true and blue!!!

Memphis MOJO said...

A pleasure for me to play (and try not to donk it up too much) in the TFO. Good company is hard to beat.

Wolfshead said...

Your company is always a pleasure. Major donk last night, had no idea what the hell I was doing. Most of the time I was also playing a $5 snd that one got hairy at times and my min wasn't into the balancing act. Should have just played the Opens last night and then hung it up.

Baywolfe said...

It was funny. First I and then Pebs went out, BAM, BAM, (pun intended) and the next thing everybody knew, they were at the Final Table!

Yeah, those $1 SNGs are brutal. I had to move up to $2 just to get people that weren't interesting in either A) Doubling Up on the first hand or B) Playing the next $1 SNG.