The longest day, longest comment and longest laugh....

Those, "in charge" have magically managed to manage my time to the point that my time is totally......


In a cost cutting effort of near epic proportions for the company, totally EPIC proportions for yours truly, I have not one, not two, not even a measly little three systems audits all scheduled in the next two days. Say it with me folks....

FIVE total systems audits..... in two freakin' day's.

I won't bore you with the minor details except to say, ISO is the runt in this litter of five! I can run through that one with my eyes closed.

SaaaaaaahWhhhhheeeeeeeeT lordy Jebus......
come 'n' take me now!

Now despite the slow and smarmy facade you all typically see from this here kid, believe it or not...... I'm pretty good at what I do. So overlapping is a very strong point. So I literally can walk all five auditors through one basic program and cover 90% of all of the bases. It's that damn 10% that drives me bananas. I mean, WTF is with the uniqueness and non-conformity in these stupid systems? Can we all not just get along here people!

= = = = = = =

Just a short while back, Astin wrote this. I started immediately writing a comment that I soon began to realize, was so much more like a post.

So I have a crazy day today and next to no time to do anything of any intrinsic value to me. (read : read all your fabulous blogs as per normal and, write my normal drivel here) So here is the short version of a comment gone too long.

Peb's and I are what I assume is probably, "typical" when it comes to Vegas mail and e-mails. The players cards we have, (with the exception of The Venetian for the blogger tourney) are due to some substantial wins at the various Casinos. We all know the drill and hell, when The Tao of Luck was with me, I upgraded two card levels at one table sitting.

So we see monthly offers from the I.P., The Main Street Station, The MGM, The Riviera and Caesar's Palace. Now I personally can't stand Caesar's, so that crap goes right from the mail box to the recycle bin. But these represent the standard fair, for a month worth of mail from the City of Sin.

To put how bad things really must be for Vegas into total perspective, picture those mailings amounting to a standard six a month. Now if you can, wrap your mind around the 48 we had received in the month of December! So far in the early portion of January, we are at 32 free nights stay and at least a half a grand in free food comps. Oh and if we feel in a particularly charitable mood, with all the free Jackets, shirts and hats we could receive, we most likely could fill a Goodwill store upon our return. Then there's the free gas rebate deal. Is everyone getting these things? I just want one of the bigger ones to be for the Deathmobile on my commute, instead of on a flight to Vegas. We can now fly to Vegas from Toronto and get a fuel rebate, that almost covers the entire flight, if we stay at just the right Hotel.

You want a real sign of the status of our world wide economic picture? Check with the sinners first. They'll always cut you a deal to get a couple of extra bucks squeezed out of the masses.

Based on the Rosy and so very inexpensive picture that Las Vegas is portraying, I'm afraid we're in for a pretty long haul...... IMHO kids!

= = = = = =

I know most of you already read over there.......... but OMG !!!!!

If you guy's haven't been to my little brudder The Doc to see THIS, you have missed the tears of laughter, from how truly funny we can be. I know it starts a little slow but stick with it. It's so very worth it !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Well, good luck with the audits.

DrChako said...

Thanks for the shout. I've watched that video a dozen times and it's still hysterical.

Strangely enough, I get a sum total of ZERO offers from Vegas. No comps. No rooms. Nada. It's not because I win every time I go there, either. I must be on the wrong mailing list.

Good luck with the 10%.


The Wife said...

Auditors suck . . . lol.

Hope you get a hot one.