A little get together....

Nothing like a home game, to get the Badblood pumpin'.

The Carsino is hosting a TuckFard home game tonight but alas, we lost the lovely Kat. After what sounded like a pretty successful day, despite suffering from a migrain and still schooling the fishies, Kat is driving straight past the Carsino and making her way home. She will be sorely missed.

Brudder Carson and I talked format a few times this week, and decided to shake things up just a touch. Instead of the $20/$40 start with a $4000 chipstack in front of you, we went with a $10/$20 start and $6000 in chips instead. Let's see a little "play" going on!!!!! WoooooooooooT! I love's me a little play!

So the gangs about to converge and I thought I'd make an early prediction on tonights win-nah. I'm takin' this Bee-yatch DOWN !!!! Let's face it, there ain't no stoppin' a kid on a mission! Kid + play = Waaaaay + EV !
More on the big win in the morning!

Oh and congrats to my beautiful wife! This morning she doubled up her bankroll on Tilt with not one, but two big scores in the game of choice for her. Go get'em sweety! Obviously, it's a day for the Sharks NOT THE FISHIES !!!

Dum-dum...dum-dum...dum-dum...dum-dum...... da-DA-da !!!!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BWoP said...

(((HUGS))) to Pebbles!

And GL to you today.

Take it down!

katitude said...

so bummed about missing it :-(
If I'd gone past the Carsino, I'd have stopped by for sure, headache be damned. I usually slide down the east side of Lake Simcoe - a bit faster to the Kat House.

And w00t to you both on the wins!