Feed the Monkey II....

So there’s this news we need to get out there. We don’t know if it’s HUGE news, big news or just news. The thing is, it’s really up to you!

A year ago, the TuckFards decided to make an adoption. We held a small event and raised a lot of cash to become Guardians of her and in the foray; we ended up making enough to take care of him too. Meet Malia & Mutemi, the official mascots of TuckFard poker.

That’s right! The TuckFards can seriously Feed The Monkeys!!!!

So we’re Feeding The Monkey again this year. Maybe we’ll even be able to feed a cat or dog too!

You see, in the heart of Bedrock, there’s a great family that runs a little place known as Bear Creek Sanctuary. They have cared for 1000’s of animals that have been neglected, abused and well, just left to die. What they do is take in an animal that’s got no hope or nowhere to live, because Mary and Warner just won’t allow it to happen. Instead, they’ll figure out a way for the creature to live as normal a life as possible, no matter what its problem was or is. Drugs from Hollywood, Animals bought as pets then discarded, Circus Cats that just can’t make the grade, or even Zoo animals that just don’t fit in with the others! If you're one of those bloggers that just breezes across the links, to see where they go. DO NOT DO THAT WITH THIS POST! It'll be worth your time, I promise.

Check this place out. They just want to help those that can’t help themselves.

There are Wolves, Coyotes, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Monkeys, Lynx, Bobcat, Foxes, Deer and some of the most beautiful Cougars that you've ever seen, (easy Guy’s…. I mean real Cat’s this time) there at Bear Creek. All just a one minute walk from Bam-Bam and Pebble’s cave. Some of these animals were nearly blinded by drugs. Some were taught to act in an un-natural way, just so that they would work for their food. But the real facts are, some were just left for dead because they were useless to the ones making a profit off of their very existence.

You should see them now! Happy, Healthy, full of life and wanting to live even more. These Bear Creek folks well, they’re literally miracle workers. But it takes cash. There’s a fair bit of food involved in feeding all the animals that they’ve seen fit to take in and it’s a non-profit organization. Then there’s the habitats. Creating a natural setting for such a variety of these creatures is not easy, or cheap. Every penny that Mary and Warner take in, goes directly to the well-being of those animals. But remember, it’s not a Zoo. It’s a Sanctuary! This place is all about the animals and making them comfortable and happy, as they live out the best life they possibly can.

“Feed The Monkey II,” will be Saturday June 21st. this year and it’ll be held in Bedrock. Right next door to the ones we’re trying to help. This poker game and all that it does for those animals, will change your out look on life for certain. The morning of the game, we’ll take you to see all of the ones you’re supporting.... and you’ll stand just a few feet away from an 800lb. Tiger! You’ll see an animal that should be hunting out in the wild, but got wrapped up in our world instead. You’ll stand beside one of the greatest hunters in the world, only to realize that a veterinarians advice can go slightly awry, if he doesn’t know his house cats from his BIG cats.

We’re looking for 36-40 players to come out to Bedrock and play. For those of you that want to help but just can’t make it, donations can be sent HERE. Please just tell them that the TuckFards sent you their way. But we hope you can make it! Carson, Peb's and I would love to see the look on your faces, as you stand literally next to those that we’re trying to help. For those that are local and either planning to attend, or just can't make it. Bear Creek Sanctuary could really use a couple of key items right now. Chain link fencing and mini-ties for the habitats are desperately in need. If you have either and you'd like to drop them off at the cave here, we'll make sure they get taken right over on your behalf.

Here’s the current list of “Monkey’s” we think are coming. (minus a few we know will be supporting the cause, but haven't been able to contact as of yet)

PokerTart & Bankwell
ANIguy & Donkette
EVY & her TOP PAIR !!!!
Carson & Suzy_Q
DonKaaa & QueenKaaa
NutzFirth & Total_Tilt
Redneck TuckFard
Pebble’s & Bam-Bam

Are you in?

$50 buy in for NLHE.

$4000 chip starting stacks with blinds starting at $10/$20….. should definitely provide for plenty of play in the original TuckFardian style. Oh and one other thing! Sitting on the deck in Bedrock, there’s a guarantee that the serenade from next door will keep you “howling” all day long. Oh and in an Astin moment of clarity, Bam will be making his famous Roast Beef on a bun for those not looking for just a liquid diet for the day. Rumour has it, that there may just be a "jealous Astin" siting over the weekend, as he attempts to steal the secret recipe.

For those attending, Bedrock allows for a fair bit of tent camping, trailers, RV’s of almost any size and there’s also, a quaint Bed and Breakfast just down the road for those seeking a little more….. uhhhh….. comfort. There's also two hotels within easy/cheap cab ride/fares or drive away and our favorite pair 'o' T's Total_Tilt, will be in full control of your car key's as you arrive.

We are forced to limit the entrants due to space and time constraints so, contact us if you’re interested. The things partially full already, so contact us both to make sure there's room.

bambamofcan at g mail dot com

carsonpossible at g mail dot com

It's highly recommended that you copy us both, as it saves us from having to hit forward every e-mail. ;o)

Let’s feed those monkeys!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


pokertart said...

Wooooooooo! I've been waiting for the official announcement. Of course, we're in!

If you're looking to round out the meal, I make an excellent coleslaw (if I do say so myself), and I'd be happy to bring some.

Neilc999 said...

thanks for the e-mail dude it helped alot, carnt believe you took it out of your own time to write all of that to me. I'm itchin to get goin now. Wish pso would hurry up with me free monay.

Thanks again :)

DrewFours said...

Oddly enough we hope to be travelling west right about that time of year, but you'd be WAY out of the way for us - :(

I'll donate a few $ for the monkeys on payday though.

TY for the note yesterday!