Angle-Shooting from the Hip....

I continue to write still of course but honestly, it's all just crap.

I couldn't begin to tell you just HOW MUCH I enjoy reading your posts but honestly, I'd be lying about the whole "reading" them thing.

I'd say that dropping out of our little community is killing me but honestly, I still think that there's hope for me yet.

I try to make creative excuses but honestly, there just seems to be no time.

I see a December Gathering in my future but honestly, no one's bothered to tell me the plan.

And that kids.... is MY angle.
*above self linkage SHOULD help me keep my card. ;)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

1 comment:

DrChako said...

I believe I've got you beat in the "I post less" category. Or maybe I'm winning. One of those.

See you in December.