Survivor Donkey Island: The view from the mainland....

So this past week I missed my first MooDankie since Survivor Donkey Island got off to a flying start. I had to choose between pussies and when it comes to that, Pebbles will ALWAYS hold over on you lot!

However since the inception of this wonderful little game of chance has truly re-energized a few of the blogging types in our community, I thought I'd share an outsiders opinion of the game as it is to date.

The American Idle move ~ Numb first out.

Allow the people to make a decision and as per usual, they'll fuck it up! I wouldn't say that Numb has haters exactly, dudes always social within the group and has not often said poo. (even when it's being flung at him) Numb has some edge for certain, but don't we all? The best part of that edge though, would have been in getting his team much deeper into every one of the challenges. Would I want Numb sitting on the rock beside me when it came time to pick a winner? In Poker vernacular, I'd take that race.

The Gilligan's Island move ~ Riggstad out.

All I know is, Riggs failed to show. If it was only Mary Anne available, Ginger wouldn't have stood a chance either. Would I want Brudder Riggs sitting beside me when the big vote came? HELLs NO!

The drunk & disorderly move ~ AlCantHang out.

Obviously there was a serious lack of foil caps available in The US of A that week. As it had to be aliens controlling the minds of of the voting team, when it came right down to crunch time. I mean seriously? AlCantHang out? For reals? I'd take Al on any team I was ever asked to be a part of period! But having said that, would I feel comfortable with him beside me at the vote? UH... no. But I would try to take him at least into the merge for our teams sake. This vote was clearly made while the the right honourable and incredibly knowledgeable voters, were looped on something other than Soco & water back.

A vote in Synopsis ~ Goodbye Hoy.

I know, I know. It would be highlarious to have left it at that! But that's just not how I fling poo. The voting off of Hoy was one of great mystery to me. As I for one couldn't think of ANYONE left playing in the game that I'd rather sit next to, during the final vote. Through no fault of his own of course, its just that I could see my chances being pretty damn good against him in that spot.

The racist vote ~ Dawn Summers out next.

Let's face it kids, this was clearly the first intelligent decision made in the entire process. As a card carrying and fully blown racist myself, I understand the need to cleanse the playing field. There's just no room in the game for nice folks! I mean what the Hell would happen to this world, if we kept letting all the nice ones tag along? Seriously? I can just see it now. Everyone gets along, while the mild banter with some pretty damn funny edge to it just keeps on coming. It would be a friggin' disaster! Grab a membership card as you walk out the door kids. There's just no way we can let the nice ones inherit our blogosphere!

So now what?

I see the merge shaking things up a bit more than most expect. New alliances will, nah, HAVE! already been formed and the blindsides my friends, well they'll get pretty hot and heavy going forward.

This is gonna' be good!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Josie said...

I'm afraid!

The Poker Meister said...

Aren't all Canadians card carrying racists? I have yet to see a black person in Canada.

BamBam said...

Without a shadow of a doubt PM, you win for the most bizarre comment EVER written here. Pretty good stuff actually, considering the 1000's of spammers atacking weekly.

The Poker Meister said...

Not sure you know what I'm referencing: "As a card carrying and fully blown racist myself, I understand the need to cleanse the playing field."

Glad to take the trophy for bizarre comment ever!

Wolfshead said...

Still putting my money on Joe C for the very fact that noone that jangles when they walk is going against her

BamBam said...

Two for two PM.
Not too shabby!

You stay as cool as your own self. Chicks dig that.

Quoting this scribes humour as a defense to idiocy, well that just kinda' ranks right up there.

Congrats on the prize!
Very well deserved.