Das Goat....

Making bloggaments fun again, well that just couldn't have been easy. Herding cats and all. But this kid is determined to doff his cap in the direction of one of the master herders of all time, Julius Goat.

Thanks to Survivor Donkey Island;

1) The right crowds show up.
2) Online Poker is fun again.
3) There's now occasionally something to read on our blogs.
4) Hilarity ensues at each post.
5) I get less sleep on Wednesday nights.
6) My weekly liquor bill now parallels fuel prices.

All good things IMHO.

Normally I wouldn't join a club that would allow someone like me to be a member, but this is fun. So I continue to donate.

I think we all owe Goat a big thanks for the fun because those are my principles, and if you don't like them, well.... I have others.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


KenP said...

Good of you to offer the shy, retiring lad a bit of confidence.

Wolfshead said...

Write on brudder. Tho not part of the Survivor teams it's still fun playing the games especially since the fields have increased, not to mention the smack talk. I keep fogetting about the other game tho.