I BADUGI, do you....

It's rare that a Blogger game isn't NLHE.

FAR more rare with the exception of CEM's SKILLZ series, that a Blogger game outside of the NLHE realm is one that I am considerably familiar with.

During a rather large part of my career in several locations in Asia, I taught the Crazian's STUD. In return, they did their best to increase my knowledge of a fairly interesting variation of Poker known to them, as Badugi.

Now of course they called it Padooki, or 바둑이 for short.

The game's tonight at 9:30 EST and on FullTilt.
You think RAZZ can be frustrating?

This should be good.

I'm already entered as BamBamCan.
You can player search and use the P/W survivor to get in.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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