Hello online Poker, meet blase....

Could I give a shit financially?

UH no.

Do I feel robbed of my rights?

UH no.

The pain of losing online Poker?

I've had worse slivers!

The one thing that DOES have me riled up about the horseshit going on with Tilt and Stars though, is the loss of connection with you folk.

Like a good friend moving across the country for any number of reasons you both know that status quo is definitely, a thing of the past. You say it won't happen and often, you both do what it takes to stay in touch in one manner or another, for as long as you can. You both just go into it knowing that "long," may only last a few weeks at best.

As always, THIS GUY gets it.

Also as always, FOXY says it best.

I can't pretend to write like either of them. I'm just fortunate that I get to read them both and you know what?. That's what I like about us.


I could give a shit if we do it on Facecrap, Twitshit, IM or email but what I'll miss the most about this political and criminal nightmare we all chose to partake in is quite simply, the 'us' part.

$11 ~ $22 a week to hopefully get an hour or so with a few good friends I'd;

a) met
b) met often
c) grabbed their butt
c) never met at all but just can't wait.

Add in the chat, blog material and occasional funny friction and you know what?

To those friends that make a living at telling us how it is in the world of online poker in North America or around the world, know that;

1) Your efforts have never been wasted on us, your friends and followers.
2) We all wish nothing but the best possible result for you, heading out of this ridiculous mess.
3) We're thank full to have had the chance to read your work. Some out there had NO idea! You want pity? Pity them!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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