WPBT in 3 sleeps....

The mind races at the thought!

Peb's and I will be starting our WPBT on Tuesday.

Plans so far include;

Dinner/Smooches with CK, The Wife and The Doc!
Horsey Fun on Friday night!!!!!
Crush the Thursday 10AM game at O'Shea's AGAIN!
Storm The Castle, followed by Let it Ride near'ish The Geisha Bar.
See a few of the folks that make me smile the way I do.
Golf with the best friends known to mankind.

Then if we get a chance, try to have a little fun with friends.

If you can't make this WPBT I emplore you, find me at the next Mastodon, BASH or Okie-Vegas. Not much would make me happier, than buying you a drink or twelve.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

1 comment:

DrChako said...

I'm like a kid again this time every year.* Is it here yet?!


*Well, I'm like a kid all the other times, too.