My Kuh-myoo-ni-tee redux II ....

For new readers, here is what the title of this post is all about.

My Kuh-myoo-ni-tee
My Kuh-myoo-ni-tee part II

I've been blessed with an amazing group of friends here in Bloggeritaville. So much so, that Kat and I had a chat just the other day about how much we both wish we could make it to every single blogger get together going on this year. Alas, I need to pick and choose based on nothing but the planned dates for the ones I can make it out to.

Right now, the list looks like this.

Weekend at mookies - at best, 10/90. Things change and I have the info. on perma-ready.

Summer WBPT in Vegas - might be hard to pass up, since I think some TuckFards might be going gratis courtesy of a great league and some great poker play. call it 90/10.

Okie-Vegas - oh how I want to make this one! Currently 50/50.

Al's bash - Although it'll be great to see Al, Riggs, Donkette, ANIguy, Snakster, Pert and the others, there ain't no way in hell that I'm missing this one! Now that my one and only Blogger crush has told me she can't wait for a (((hug))) Odds = 100%

Seeing everyone again, is a sure fire way to fill this kid with some much needed freakin' happy. I can't wait and I'll update the status of each as they get closer.

But I need to take a second, to talk about my community.
The visibles if you will.

We have a group of kids, (aged 7 - 11) with the opportunity of a lifetime. These young men and women, are some of Canada's best up-and-coming Hockey stars. No! That is not my personal opinion. At the age of 7 - 11, these kids are rated! Un-real!!!
But they are not wealthy. They play with the heart of..... well! A Canadian Hockey player! But their parents use everything they have, to keep them playing for the Winter season. When this chance of a lifetime for some of these kids came along, the well was dry. Bone dry! It looked like it would be an opportunity wasted.

What does my community do? Rallies to find a way. But not just one way, NO ! Several !!! From bottle drives to Irish Pub nights, to donations of cash and draw prizes, to the ultimate degeneracy, A POKER TOURNEY!

The kids have been invited to play hockey in Ireland! As teachers. The "thrive and drive," for the game there right now, is huge among the age group. Who better to be spokespersons for our national game, than some kids playing for the love of it?

So a group got together and created a bunch of ways to raise the funds. I love my community! As I said, one of the ideas was a Poker MTT. The issue was, no one actually knew what to do. They had 40 people or so willing to pay to play. They had our Canadian Legion offering up the space, tables and cheap booze. They had the idea. What they didn't have, was the organization.

I see an opportunity, to step up to the plate and knock one out of the park. hmmmm... Wrong game! I see an opportunity, to pick up the puck fom behind the net, and go coast to coast for the kids. ( yeah. Definately better!)

I throw my two cents in and put my name out on the ice, for the kids. What a daunting task this is going to be! NOT !!!! Why you ask? My visible/invisibles of course! Brudder Carson say's, "Sounds like a great idea. I'll help." Masseman on TuckFard Monday nights, who also runs our amazing league games on Sunday's say's, "great idea. I'll help." DonKaaa and QueenKaaa say, "we'll help." Then, "I won't play HORSE, but I'll take all your TuckFard Open money," Redneck TuckFard say's, "I'll help." ZAP of the TuckFard league say's, "That sounds great. I'll help." No surprise at all here, The beautiful Suzy_Q say's, "count me in. I'll help."

I tell you my dearest invisibles, I am the luckiest damn kid on the planet! BAR NONE !!!! I have you all, (CND) and ya'll(US) and I have the bestest of friends to surround me. To give you a little idea of how much help everyone has been, our friendly fund raiser for 40 players this Friday night, has just turned into a 120 player MTT for the kids!

And that's what this is all about. The kids!

I am beyond fortunate to have my Pebbles, and I thank my lucky stars every single day. I am honoured that some of you out there, have called me out by name as a friend. And I can't begin to tell you, how blessed I feel because of it, and how much I feel the same.

But here's a cheers to my local community and the friends that surround me.
You are without a shadow of a doubt, the best friends that a kid could ask for.

CHEERS ! I love you all.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Mookie said...

Come join us in May!!

Book it!

Drizztdj said...

I'm about 99/1 for Al's Bash as well.

I suggest taking on Drizz and Bracelet in beer pong for massive amounts of american dollars to pay for the trip.