It ain't easy being TuckFard....

Another Friday, another dominating performance by the TuckFards!

Last night was the charity MTT poker event for the hockey kids. A group of 8 TuckFards invaded the event and WOW ! We were in rare form last night for certain. With three tables left, ZAP, myself, Pebbles, QueenK, DonKaaa, Suzy_Q, brudder Carson and the lovely Redneck TuckFard, were all still in play! WoooooooT !

I was the first of us out in a shamefull display of Bam-Bammed'ness! Who knew the sooooted "Bammer," would not hold up against any Ace? WTF ??? It's 9-3 sooted after all! It should be dominating ATC don't you think? Honestly, I was just having some fun and I figured the guy might be good enough to let any weak Ace go against a player that has only shown the nutz and instantly went over the top of his weak ass raise. I should know better but oh well, it was all in the name of charity. At least I got the biggest belly laugh and TIME from DonKaaa, when I had to flip my cards over.

I knew right away the night was going to be a lot of fun and a fairly tough struggle. With all of the tables and seats available to draw to, DonKaaa, Pebbles and I all draw table #1. Un-real!

Carson and I set up the event for the charity organizers and made a format that allowed for about two hours of play, at reasonable levels. You want supporters to get the feeling that they got their monies worth, you know? The levels after the two hour point, became really aggressive. As they say, "The price of poker is going up."

It took no time to get down to final table, with the levels becoming huge by stack size comparison. Tucks that made it were Carson, DonKaaa, Redneck and Suzy_Q. HALF THE TABLE !!! Pebbles stepped up to the plate and dealt for the final table.

Finishing order ended up being;

-Suzy_Q out in 7th. - a serious short stack starting the table.
-Redneck out in 3rd. - Some great reads early on in the going.
-DonKaaa out in 2nd. - I admit to pressuring him to push at the end. (TuckFard nutz no less!)

And our winner was brudder Carson. What a great game he played. Everyone of the Tucks that made it to final, deserved to be there for sure. But my boy Carson, well he's playing some of the best poker I've ever seen him play. It's really great to see and I know he'll keep it going now that he's really on his game.

Congrats brudder! A well deserved win.

Thanks to all the Tucks for coming down and helping out so much. I've already been thanked by those in charge and they wanted to make sure that I passed on their utmost appreciation, for everything you all did to make the night a success for the kids.

And Masseman! A special thanks to you dude! The hit of the night by far for the crowd? Those amazing chips you supplied for the game. Offering up a set of quality clay to cover 120 players....well....you're just the best man!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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