That’s what Monday night was all about.

Tears In My Eyes !!!

First there was “The Open,” where between ANIguy, Donkette, brudder Carson and PushMonkey, I couldn’t keep myself upright in the chair, let alone fight back the tears of laughter. The chat during the night was absoloutely hilarious. I was laughing so hard at one point, Pebbles just grabbed the keyboard from me and she jumped in on the fun. I literally couldn’t have typed anything if I wanted to. Peb’s always says, “I love to see you laugh.” Well last night, she got to be in love, a lot!

The TuckFards #1 supporter and top salesperson of the month, did another great job of getting a few more players out to the 8:00pm HORSE game as well. Yes, our Donkette was friggin’ relentless on everyone. She even recruited a “ringer” to stop by and take on the TuckFards at their own game, when she managed to talk my one true blogger crush Minidonk into playing. That was a great treat! It certainly put a much bigger smile on this kids face, to get to see her again. Her run through the field and eventual runner up finish, brought out some serious railbird support. That was great to see too. Great game mini! Great game!!!
You should really write about it and maybe put it on the internet for everyone to see! If only there was a place where you could do that, you know. Like your own personal little writing place where we could stop by and see whats been going on.
That would be nice! :o) (heh)

Everyone that comes out to our fun filled Monday nights, should be very proud of one thing. You’re some of the best there are out there, at making me happy!


The TIME damn near returned in the MATH after having aces cracked by Waffles. I’d built up to near double stack from a few hands early. One in particular was running my K-K into a weak ace and somehow, I managed to hold on for the win. I made a few plays here and there, some that worked out well, others that I was able to get away from. Then in early position I picked up the pocket aces. Of all the ways to play the hand here, I chose a min-raise. WHY? I wanted players in and I had two known agro’s behind me. I initially figured that I’d be re-raised and could pop it up at that point, to get a little better value out of them. Nope! Just smooth called. The flop came and went with me adding a bet of $400 that was called and then on the turn, we got all our chips in. Waffles had outplayed me fantastically and IGHN. Simple as that. He got in cheap ‘cause I let him. He managed to get a gutshot draw on the flop and I couldn’t price him out. Then when I firmly believed I could put him on a hand like TPTK as a real possibility, (based solely on previous winning hands) he jams the pot with the nuts and all I can say is, well played. So instead of settling in with a nice comfy chip lead from being the best pocket aces player in the world, I settled in to reading and re-reading my HH’s from the nights play.

Waffles said, “I don’t know bam, I think you go broke there a lot.” And you know what? I think he’s right. I looked at every conceivable option on how to play that hand there, and there was no real way to win. If I jam pre, I MIGHT pick up the blinds and WILL look like an idiot. If I merely call, the hand would have played out the same exact way and I still lose. If I make a standard 3x raise, there is no doubt in my mind that I still get called, the hand plays out the same and I lose. How about the pot sized raise, or maybe even slightly larger you ask? Say what you want about it but the facts are, he had a hand he wanted to see a flop with and was going to IMHO no matter what. (except the Donkey move of jamming pre I think) The only way I could salvage anything out of that hand at all would be, to lay them down when he jams the pot.

I guess I’m just not that good at this game yet.

He has the HH posted up if you'd care to take a look and offer me all the free advice in the world.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


SirFWALGMan said...

If you raised pre-flop I would never have been in the hand. Having said that.. Once you bet 1200 on the turn your priced in. If you put me on TP you have to be the turn obviously. I got lucky with a well disguised hand. Technically I should have folded to your pot bet but I like to see that one extra card sometimes. Good game always fun to bust.. err.. play with you. I should try a Tuckfards next week! What is the password?

RaisingCayne said...

BamBam, don't give yourself such a hard time over your AA play there! Look over the HH at Waffles' blog again man, (and review the comments he has rec'd.) You played the hand very +EV for the situation. Yes the min-raise let him in pre, but you made the right play on the flop, and got sucked out on by a donkey chasing his gutshot! (No offense Waffles.) NOTHING to be bitter with yourself about man. And while he gave you the opportunity to fold your overpair on the turn, it's incredibly hard to do in that spot. No fault. Don't kick yourself given the results man, it was NOT a bad play!

Donkette said...

The highlight of my Monday nights is playing in the Tuckfard where there is no holes barred. It gives me a chance to loosen up before the Math and time to share laughs with some awesome people. Thanks for introducing the DONK FAMILY to such a great tourney...... As always I ((((((((heart)))))) BAMBAM and PEBS

Drizztdj said...

"Waffles had outplayed me fantastically and IGHN."

Please, for the sake of bloggerkind, never use that sentence again. :)

Falstaff said...

Because I'm the worst online poker player in the world, here are my thoughts.

1) You min-raised with Aces, you earned the beat. I like the idea about the aggros behind you, but the limp/jam preflop is a risky move and is dependent on the players behind you actually picking up something to raise with. I think the preflop error was the only truly egregious one.

2) 95% of people don't bluff the turn, and you were not committed to the hand with just a pair. You wouldn't have been in great shape if you'd laid it down on the turn, but the all-in move screams monster, and you're good enough to lay down an overpair when the actions (even from Waffles) screams that you're beat.

Now, that said, I remain the worst online player in the world, and my string of 4 years without ever cashing in an online blogger tourney remains intact. So take my comment for what it's worth - not much.

Hope you and Pebs are well. See you soon.