No really! I AM trying.....

If you haven't already done so, go congratulate the Kinder, Gentler Worst Poker Player for taking down the mookie last night. He deserves it.... Honest! Waffles played a good game from what I could see, as we played down the last two tables of the event together. It actually felt a little strange waiting until that late in one of these events to run into him. We've been joking about his "magnetic" personality, attracting the steel plate in my head or something like that. I think in the 10 events I've managed to make it out to in this little BBteetwee thingy, Waffles and I have started at the same table in at least 7 or 8 of them for sure.

I played decent enough last night I guess, I think I'll give me a B+. I leaked every once in a while here and there but all in all, I played above average. The real secret was, I played! I took some great advice from a smart & beautiful friend and I had fun. Of course I am a fun specialist of sorts so it comes pretty natural to me anyhow, but I tried to have even more fun than normal. In the chat, with the tunes I was listening to, (damn dial up just won't run BDR to my great disappointment) and even with the beverage of choice for the latter stages of the game. I chose to go with a wonderfully aged Amber Rum with exactly one drop of lemon. Whimsy, folly, even insane I know! But I put the Scotch up on the shelf and left it there to pout. We'll get over it and make amends I'm sure. I might even try talking to it over dinner tonight. We'll see how it goes. ;o)

In the end, this was the best I could do.

I got in a few hands that I maybe shouldn't have and lost a few chips that could have made a difference later on in the game. Then I finally made a bit of a move from slightly behind, only to catch on the flop.

It wasn't enough though, as another river card took care of re-sucking the suck and IGH.

As always, sincerest appreciation goes out to those railbirds goofy enough to get behind this kid and root me on. It always means so much to me. Also thanks to all the final table folks!

Best one I've been to yet, thanks to each of you. I wish nothing but luck for you all, unless of course we're in a hand together. ;o)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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SirFWALGMan said...

Drunk and Fun are not the same thing! Although they are close. Also one can lead to the other.

Good game BAM! I enjoyed playing with you. As a cat plays with a mouse. hehe. Just kidding. Was fun times.