Look at that Pebbles Gooooo.....

I sit and watch by far, the 2nd. greatest challenge known to man.

The Masters!

Second only to women, Augusta is a true challenge of man's perseverance, fortitude and determination.

Then Peb's log's on and jumps into a $3.30 challenge. Next thing you know, we get a message from ANI and it reads;

ANIguy shows a straight flush, Eight high
ANIguy wins the side pot (9,200) with a straight flush, Eight high
karthik1 shows a straight, Eight high
ANIguy wins the main pot (15,295) with a straight flush, Eight high

WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT !!!!!!!!!!!

Donkette then sends a chat, while Peb's is All-In in her little 90 player game. Peb's is in sixth place All-In, and holding K-K. She gets a caller. The caller is holding 2-6 off-suit and is the chip leader at the moment. (nice hand Gus!!!) Peb's manages to hold on, despite the 3-5-K flop, and makes a massive double-up, all the way to final table.

My Donkette ask's, "what name is she playing under?"

"PebblesCan" I respond.

Next thing you know, "Gooooooooooooo Peb's" appears in the chat. ;o)

Peb's ended up taking down 4th. place when her sooted Asian-Jew, was no match for a sooted J-7 call, by another chip leader. (they rock ! "it was only another 44,000 to call!")

So we found some idiot we know, playing in a game at the final table. Time to root for the home team I figure! So cheer him on we did. All the way to a second in another 90 player event. Peb's, Bam AND Donkette behind you, HOW DO YOU LOSE???


Peb's decided to play in just one more event. Money bubble was her reward. Funny thing? She lost when her BB sooted Asian-Jew, just couldn't hold on against another sooted J-7.

Weird karma, if you ask me.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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