Playing in the reign....

NO ! I was not out running around in the pouring rain, looking for someone else to sing happy birthday to Kat! This is about my, “office.” The $0.50/$1.00 and $1.00/$2.00 STUD HI games, I use to fund my Blogger events.

I don’t know if it’s the weather and the fact that Spring just doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to get here, but chat down there is just re-Donkulous of late. Now the names are changed to protect the innocent, (and me at the "office.") but as an example, I offer you the following;

83R76 : nh earlier bob!
bigbabob : ty
83r76 : sarcastic there a hole
Dealer: subatomic shows Kc-Kh-7c for a full house K's and 7's
Dealer : 83r76 shows Ad-3s-Ah for three of a kind Aces.
83r76 : rip u a new one soon
83r76 : stopd mudfok her
Dealer : subatomic wins the pot ($62.00) with a full house K's and 7's
83r76 : wtf did you call with that crap?
83r76 : I had Ace showing you donkey
83r76 : hahaha gonna bust U tomic
83r76 : like learning to play suba swipe?

(***note*** The above was highly modified for creative license purposes)

Now I know this is not extremely terrible compared to some of the stuff going on in the chat elsewhere on the sites, but it is very new to me in my “office” area. These games are about patience, study, timing and focus. There really is no time to chat if you’re doing everything right and still in a hand. So there’s typically very little discussion and a lot of good poker. I in fact, have yet to type a word in the chat box when logged in to the “office.” (yes, even when I know a blogger by name that has sat down at my table) I know it's got to be hard to believe when you see me at a blogger game. But that’s Bam-Bam at play, not the guy hard at work. You all know 'that' guy. He’s a lot like you against me in NLHE, trying to rape and pillage chips off of some poor unsuspecting beginner, playing the game poorly at best. But often throwing cash around like it’s play chips.

So with the combination of the beginning players and the seasoned veterans out there trying to play the game, added to the importance of paying the utmost attention to the action as it happens, there has always been very little if any, chat in the box.

But this has changed tremendously over just this past winter. All of a sudden, everyone has to comment on a hand or the play of another player. None of it ever a polite nh or gg. ALL of it total and utter trash, or degrading and demeaning commentary to another. I’ve been trying to figure out what all this is saying about our society as a whole. I mean, someone had to raise these people right? Is it genetics that make them do what they do and play poker? Is there a specific type that must play the game and get incredibly violent and aggressive after a loss? Could it literally be as simple as, just completely poor upbringing from the previous generation? I don’t really know the answer, but I don’t really want it to change too much either to be honest.

I find I seem to do my best work while the poorly raised with demented genes, argue to no end with the aggressive kid next door that has no parental guidance. But I do have to admit that I wouldn’t have noticed any of this at all to be honest, except I took it upon myself to look back at a whole bunch of hand histories recently, and it’s amazing what’s being typed into that little chat box as you’re about to take down another monster pot with the nutz!

So here’s to not seeing the D-Bags and A-Holes hang out with the blogger brethren forever. ( I hope ) They obviously and very clearly reign supreme, just ask them!

But good lord, please bless them and keep them playing in my cash games!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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