Another weekend that was.....

A Birthday weekend recap. (well, at least what I can remember of it!)

Friday night was a make up game for team TuckFard poker. This was because of the game being scheduled and then cancelled from the Easter weekend. What a shame! I had to play poker on the night of my birthday. Oh well, somehow I’ll get over it.

The night was full of side shots, beers and scotches with friends and strangers alike. There was another birthday being celebrated that night as well, and the two of us bellied up to the bar together early, for the mandatory double-shot of happy birthday wishes. All in good fun. The ‘anti-Al’ thing went on all night, as shots of something or other were constantly heading my way. I’m not even sure what some of them were to be honest. I can recollect the Grand Marnier, Jack Daniels, Tequilla, SoCo, a dark rum and of course a few scotches. Add the beer chaser to each of those in multiples of at least two and, I think it’s fair to say that the taste buds were just about destroyed for the remainder of the night. Other shots of mostly unrecognizable alcohols kept streaming my way as the night went along. I mean, how rude would it have been to turn away a gift from a friend? So with many salutes and cheers and the obligatory happy birthday, I kept the glass washer busier than hell. So busy in fact, that a box of test tubes eventually required opening to allow the bar to keep up with the demand. That seemed like a sign to me of some kind. Could it be possible that I should slow down a touch? I took a little break and went outside to consider my options.

A quick check of the time on the cell and I noticed I’d missed a call. I missed the pay-back happy birthday as sung by our beautiful Kat and damn! That just wouldn’t do. I dialed her up and managed to get in a dial-a-shot with her, as she was on her way to crushing her very own Therapy™ event at the same time. Truly sweet to see her win one of those Donkaments. Well deserved if you ask me.

The break didn’t last too very long, as I returned to my table to find another beer and shot had been delivered. Cest’ la vie! It didn’t seem to affect my poker play all that much, until I got down to heads up that is. I was dominated chip wise by about 7 to 1. My honourable opponent agreed to go all-in blind, (as I was nearly there anyhow) until we had a winner. It only took one hand mercifully, and I take home second place points for the team. It was another great week for us, as brudder Carson and TotalTilt both came away winners, to go with another strong showing by DonKaaa as well. I guess we should start at least looking at making some plans for a possible WsoP in Vegas trip gang. It might just actually happen.

What else happened Friday, let’s see…. Oh yeah that’s right! I offered up a challenge to someone and it looks like after a few particulars are hammered out, it will be accepted and played out in the next few weeks. My opponent needs to return from a well deserved Vegas trip first, before we get it all squared away.

Then Saturday with a full foot of snow still covering ½ of the back deck, Pebbles and I continued our search for the perfect Margarita while sitting outside and enjoying the long awaited beautiful weather. This of course, took all day! I mean, when one is in search of a perfected Margarita, one cannot rush things. Add to this, the fact that we were in shorts on a deck with a foot of snow still covering it, and you have the makings of a very long and tedious afternoon. We struggled through, the best we could. Although we did find a few good ones, the perfect Margarita still eludes us. Undaunted however, we will forge on in pursuit of the perfect one, every opportunity we get this Summer. It’s out there somewhere and damn it, we’ll persevere until we get it right!

In fine form from a day full of research, it only seemed appropriate to grab a glass of scotch and make a little call. I dialed up The Wife and asked her to pass me on to the Birthday boy. I’d heard that ‘Chez Chako’ was having a little get together with a few friends and I figured I’d interrupt with a little birthday dial-a-shot of my own. The attempt was successful and I let them get back to their regularly scheduled night of entertainment, without the drunken ramblings of yours truly.

Sunday brought one of my favorite things to the fore, THE OPEN HOUSE! The day that our course opens it’s doors and welcomes back the golfers. This can only mean one thing! It’s less than a week ‘till I swing a club like a maniac with the real “boy’s of Summer.” That made Peb’s and I so happy to know, we both bellied up to the bar to celebrate. ( I think I see a pattern forming here. Nah! Can’t be!) Our golf club community is small and friendly all season long. But there is a lull in contact over the Winter, as everyone goes their separate ways. Seeing a few friends over a drink, (or twelve) and knowing that we could be golfing as early as this upcoming weekend, makes this kid all giddy with excitement.

So it was a fantastic birthday weekend from what I can remember, with the only real goal not attained, being the discovery of the perfect Margarita. But then again, that just makes it another sunny Summer weekend in my books.

Good times. Damn good times indeed!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


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RaisingCayne said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday weekend! It was great to hear from you from the Chako abode during the Doc's little birthday festivities.

DrChako said...

Thanks for the dial-a-shot. Next we do it without the phones.


The Wife said...

You made the man happy.