I wanna play poker, with a man called Doc....


All the he said/she said and what a douche-bag commentary can stay over at everyone elses place. Let's face it, nothing gets to me when it comes to chat. I mean after all, I am "the easiest $11" and "everyone knows it."

So I choose to take the other side of the equation here. (I usually do by the way) I figured out what I really want for my birthday. I was over HERE and I found out that a man called Doc was on Buddy Dank Radio. For the love of God, I wish I could get some type of medium speed connection now! It's bad enough to miss the show on a regular basis, but to know I missed Dr. Chako is actually a bit heart breaking in some respects. I mean the man has nothing really going for him at all, except for the fact that he has just got to be 'THE' one and only long lost brother from another mother from the South. I've been very fortunate to have made so many friends in the last little while here in our Kuh-myoo-ni-tee. But the Doc is just a tick 'specialer' than ya'll in a few ways.

I won't go into too great of detail about why. Just suffice it to say, if you read here and you read there, you should be able to figure that out for yourselves.

So the Doc had to download FullTilt huh? What a bloody shame. Now he is faced with man's ultimate decision. To 'BAM'....... or not to 'BAM'?

He say's he will need to "resist the itch" and I am sooooo not the guy that is going to help him. I am a degenerate. Therefore, so the hell is he!

Here's the deal. I have offered to buy the Doc into any mookie he wants. I'll sacrifice what surely would have been a pure crap sleep at best AND my hard earned $11. In turn, all the Doc has to do is show up. I'll put an additional buy-in out there for him, as a last longer side bet. If I outlast him, he shoots a buy-in back my way. If he outlasts me.......hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...... (sorry, Waffles moment there!) I'll ship him his buy-in for the next one.

Nothing against all of you that I have had the great pleasure to get to know over the last year or so, but at a time when douche-baggery is apparently the topic at hand, (and post) I can't think of anyone that I'd rather have sitting at a BBT3 event with all of us than, The Doc.

So faithful readers galore, I ask you to go HERE. Help the man ignore "the itch."

Based solely on medical reasons and my personal professional and nowhere near medical opinion, scratching's bad for you. He should play!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

You are a horrible corrupting influence. If anyone out there remembers the way I played online "back in the day," they are probably drooling over the prospect of me getting back into it.

Email me the specifics. Do you have a rakeback deal set up? It's the least I can do.


Mini Donk said...

Happy belated birthday bam

Zeem said...

Doc will be playing in Sin City in a few days. He's still got it!