The Challenge...

(aka : Early BWoP award entry)

There was this list I found my name on. At first, I didn't know what to say or do about it. Being who I am, I was ecstatic to be on it, while at the same time, totally pissed off about being at the bottom as well. (yes I kid! HONESTLY Sean!)

As I was developing my response to this great challenge, I remembered there was a comment about my ability to creatively link friends while writing. I took great pride in that comment for some reason, and decided to challenge myself to an all out version of a post. So with complete and utter disregard for any rhyme or reason, I hope this list finds you well. And I.... well...... hope you find you!

Now, I'm not posting as regularly as I wanted to I know, but that doesn't make me too much of a bad puppy does it? I mean, it's not like I've been out golfing under par or jammin' out a tune to break the bank or anything!

I've been busting my ass playing the game, trying to add a few coins to the roll the entire time. The outcome was always the same though. I'd find myself suited with a big heart, only to find some goofball would SHOVE, SHOVE, SHOVE a crappy 1 outer draw. And of course it always came on the river, so the card rack could scoop the pot.

Poker has been offering no peace, no love for the kid from Bedrock. I think I have it figured out though. I've been needing to find a way to raugh out roud and have some fun. Great writing and great poker may be able to live in harmony, if I can just let myself have fun with it instead of ranting about it all the time.

What I need to do is, get back to being a kid! Not 30 kids or anything, just the kid I love to be. I'll push through this and persevere so that I can get my ass on the D-List once and for all.

I mean, I try to be a nice guy. Even to the point of staying up late, listening to my metal and not making fun of all the hippies out there at the country bars until 3:00am. But what I really should be doing, is surrounding myself with great persons and learning a thing or two about style and class. With that, I could stand to learn a little about making good decisions and being a good friend, the way our original ancestors always tried to be.

I think if I can do some good things, a few more of the bloggers will think of me as yummy. I mean, I could cook for everyone and show that side of me as well. That might help others connect with who I really am. And that's the point of all this right? To make a connection with others like yourself and even better, those that are maybe not so similar at all. But to make the connection just the same. It's probably a lot easier if you have a great rack. But I just have to face the fact, that I just am not in that position. (and thankfully so, I must say) I wouldn't want to do anything too crazy, that's for sure.

In the end I guess, I should be really happy that I've managed to make so many good friends. I just firmly believe, a kid can never have too many good friends is all. So I can't make decisions like North or South, East or West or even this side or the other of a great big pond. I just love having friends is all. So my list is just going to go over 5 and that's all there is to it.

Well, I really need to make a move and get on_thg, I've spent WAY TOO LONG looking for someones blog to link here!
***edit*** Right! The Leaderboard of course!

There, that's done! And WOW!!!!! I didn't even drop the F-Bomb!

I also ask that you do not take it personally if I've managed to leave you out of this little blurbage. My posting/linking little self, has let this get the best of me for the night. I'm exhausted and damn near brain dead to boot.

Many thanks for the friendships we've developed.

and as always,

my sincerest thanks for dropping by...


Fuel55 said...

Classic stuff

BWoP said...

The judges have noted this entry for future consideration.

Donkette said...

Awesome Post.... You're the best, and one other thing..............
I ((((((((heart))))))))) BAMBAM

Mookie said...

Great post.

Riggstad said...

dude, my right click button finger aches with the thought of linking all of this together.

Nicely done...

DrChako said...

Well done.

As an aside, we are completely dissimilar - mine is the 5th.

Happy (T-3) Birthday!


Drizztdj said...

That there is some linkin'.