I may be an OMATARD for sure, but I don't suck so much at MATH....

Yesterday was a complete write off again. Sometimes it just seems like I can’t gain any traction, towards getting caught up on things. That means I missed the Skillz game last night and it was one of the first ones I’d missed in quite some time. Ah well, Cest’ le vie.

So with no Skillz to write about, I might as well talk about my lack of skills from Monday instead. I started the night late for the Tuckfard Open at 7:00pm on FullTilt. That meant that my only options were the TuckFard HORSE game at 8:00pm on FullTilt (P/W for both as always, is Donkey) and Kat’s Birthday Martini game. I managed to get myself into the HORSE event with about 10 minutes to spare, so I started all the things that I like to have going on around me when I play on line.

Tunes, check.
Booze, check.
Notepad, check.
Beautiful wife, check.

It was all systems go and I was ready to be a TuckFard! I love Monday’s! Somewhere along the way as the game got rolling, I actually caught a card or two. I’d even managed to build a decent stack off of some good hands during hold ‘em. Rare for me, but I’ll take it. Then we went straight into Omaha and I apparently, am an Omatard! It was hilarious how many times I’d fold what to me at least, is not exactly a prime Omaha starter, only to have the flop hit exactly what I’d just folded away. This one was my personal favorite.

What do you say out there Oma-Pro’s? Was I supposed to call off the initial bet, raise and call instead of folding there pre?

It was about this time when, I realized that I’d completely forgot to register for the Martini game!!!! Yikes!!!! I chuck, dive, dodge dash and scramble to get myself in there. All to no avail. I missed by four minutes because I wasn’t paying attention to the time.
That was just not going to do! So I open it up, get on Kat’s table and enjoy it the best I could. But it still wasn’t enough. So I grabbed my drink, grabbed my cell phone and made the treck out into the rain, wind and quickly dropping temperatures. I called Kat and sang her Happy Birthday in the rain. It was the least I could do after missing such an important game for her. Oh, and we did dial-a-shot as well.

A little later, Donkette busted my ass out on the bubble when my masterfully disguised pair of 4’s was no match for any card she had in her hand. I lost interest in that hand, after her over pair, made a boat that improved to a bigger boat and then into two four of a kinds I think. I’ll check back later to see if it eventually turned into a Royal as well. ( I kid! ) Everyone knows I ((((heart)))) Donkette and there will never be any ill will between us. After her comment, “play with me long enough, and I’ll double you up.” had been typed in the chat, I took a short stack run at her with a decent starting hand. It just didn’t pay off and I was ready for the MATH.

I played fairly well in the MATH funny enough. I wasn’t lucky enough to stack anyone out of the game all night, but I did my fair share of crippling a player or two. I managed to hang in there around top 20 to 25th. place for most of the first hour. With 65 starters in a $26 buy-in, I somehow thought that the game would be a little tighter than the regular blogger weekly games. Goes to show you what I know! Donkey’s will be Donkeys even at twice the price! I saw and recorded no less than 11 “hammers” being tossed about and proudly displayed for all to see. I folded to one hammer shown by a re-raiser of a small bet I’d made earlier in the action, and had to wonder as I always do. What is it that makes someone so proudly display the idiocy of a raise with crap? I had crap too! Why the hell do you think I folded? The lure of the hammer raise and show, is just about the funniest thing in all of blogger poker to me. It is treated as a proud show of mastery and out-playing your opponent. In reality, it is just about the stupidest thing to do in the game. Sexy to some because of the legend and the lore, can always be fools fodder for the old and the tired. Not that my opinion means anything to anyone but, I would refrain from showing me that you “out-played” me with the hammer. You will never tilt me by trying to show me that you’re an idiot. Maybe it works on some, but I guess I just don’t work that way or something.

The main thing I enjoyed about the MATH this week was, I had a great core table for most of the night. Myself, Waffles, Tuscaloosa John, Astin and Tilt Away seemed to stay together in some form or another for the vast majority of the game. It made for good chat and some pretty good poker on the most part too. Hell, add Fuel and RecessRampage to the mix early, and it was a great starting table for me.

During the latter stages of the game, I was in a pot with wilwonka and we were relatively even stacked. The play I wanted to make with my slow played set of Ladies, was ever so slightly altered after there was a four flush on the board. Both of us damn near froze between the flop and the River and I needed to make a move that I thought would steal me the pot, if in fact wil had missed the flush as well. So after a little bit of thought, I fired 700 chips into a pot of about 3650. I see three reasons for this amount. It had to look suspicious enough to be a value bet for anyone that needed to play the board, and they might be able to let go right there. If I am called and beaten, I have lost a smaller amount than would cripple me. If I am re-raised, I know I can walk away if I feel I need to. Wilwonka decided to call and here was the result.

My comment was “good call.” Which was quickly followed by, “was it? I’m thinking it was a bad call there.” typed in by wil. I think I had the right idea on the bet. Obviously had I decided to show just a little more strength, I might have been able to scoop on a flushed board.

I ended up running card dead near the end and in this format, (6-max) that is going to be the kiss of death for anyone playing. My table was down to 4 or 5 players for the longest time during the 100/400/800 blind level. That turned my stack of about 10,000 into nothing in no time. Eventually while under the gun and with about 1700 left to my name, I found an ugly and very lonely little Ace. The first non 2-6, 3-8, 4-9’ish looking hand, in some time. I needed a double up to have any hope of making final table and seeing if I could get a few bucks for all of my earlier efforts. Fittingly, tilt away only had to call about 875 or something like that and did so. WITH “THE BAMMER” !!!! How ironic that in my one actual shot to get through and double up, that the chat box reads, “I had to call” and I find myself up against 3-9? I knew I was done, as soon as I saw them.

So two MATH events and I have a cash in 6th. place and an almost in 11th. Maybe 6 max. Is a format a little more conducive to my play, as I learn as I go along my way. We’ll take a look at that this weekend. I have a few helpers out there, willing to guide me along the treacherous road that is blogger NLHE. They know who they are and they know how much I appreciate the help and advice. They already also know that I am slowly becoming a little better thanks to them, every single time I play.

Like I always say, there’s nothing better than having some good friends.
The day you think you have enough of them, is the day you’ve officially made your dumbest decision.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


BWoP said...

If there is a raise and a call ahead of you, I'd muck those cards pretty quick.

I probably wouldn't even limp with them.

Q-high flush draw? No Ace? 5-3 low draw?


I say good fold :-)

RaisingCayne said...

Nice finish in the MATH this week. Good luck in the Mookie tonight!

I have to say, you missed out on a fun donkarama tourney on Monday at Kat's martini game. It was a great time. (Up until Astin's JJ took out my QQ at the effing bubble!, but I digress...)

You cracked me up with one of your chat box comments to Kat: I paraphrase, but evidently you had a "rail last longer" bet going with another spectator! Good stuff! Hope you stayed around the chatbox late enough to take down the prop bet! :-)

Oh, and you didn't miss anything at all from the skillz game Tuesday! I've never felt so uncomfortably out of place at a card game before. Sometimes registering for something just 'cause it's the BBT3, isn't logical rationale!