Just a quickie....

Things have been nuts around here lately and it's been hard to get a little quiet writing time for myself.

Played the Team TuckFard game yesterday and had to settle for a fourth place finish for myself. Pebbles kept up her great streak of finishes by taking her table down for the big win. WooooooooooT ! DonKaaa managed to get to head's up, but just couldn't quite get the win in the end. Both Nutzy and Brudder Carson ended up with 5th. place finishes on the day. I don't think we built our lead up too much with those results, but I'm pretty sure we didn't give any of it away either.

I have to run again, but I'll leave you with two of my favorite pics from Saturday night. The first one here is a TuckFard Classic!

That's none other than "Shaggy Mc.Matty" himself, making a final table appearance.

For those that think we're still fairly pre-historic out in Bedrock, here's a shot using the new TuckFard "hole" cam. It's just a slight deviation on the ones that they use in the big show.

As you can see, instead of a small camera used to see a couple of cards, The TuckFard cam shows you two "holes" with a couple of cards. The only thing saving this pic of Nutzy watching me check my hole cards? The beauty that is my fav. pair'o'T's TotalTilt, in her dealer's shirt and tie.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by...

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