I'm so out of shape.....

How bad is it?

I didn’t win a single race all weekend!

-Friday night at the kids charity MTT, I had an aggressive kid with a short stack push into my pocket Aces. He flips up pocket 10’s and puts his coat on. The turn brings him his third 10, and he sits right back down.

-Saturday I jump into a quick 45 player SnG and find myself becoming a serious shorty, as I just couldn’t manage to find any playable hands. I get dealt pocket Kings in my BB and find a raiser and a caller ahead of me. Both have shown a penchant for small pocket pairs so, I jam what I have left and hope for the best. Both call and away we go. I get a dream flop of K-3-8 and they both check. The turn is an Ace and they go back and forth for a while, managing to finally get all of their chips into the side pot. I figure I still have to be good for the main, but you never know. The river brings the board pairing 3 and I now have a boat. Cards please! Pocket Aces for the nut boat of course and even better, pocket 3’s for DQB’s. IGH, having lost two races in one hand. One from ahead and one from behind.

-Sunday in the Team TuckFard League game, I managed a strong second place finish. We had too many players however, so I took the day off and spared for another team. How did I end up second you ask? I ran a suited A-5 into the “math is right for a call here, sorry.” 9-5 off-suit. A nine on the turn ends my game. The frustrating thing about this, was not the loss to be honest. The kid is a good solid player who I respect a lot on any given day. He should have gone busto way earlier on in the game. Let me re-phrase that. Almost any other player in the game would have gone busto in one particular hand earlier in the game. He managed to lay down an A-8 on an ace high flop, after I had re-raised his initial bet by about 2x. I could see in his eyes at first, that he really wanted to call. He tanked for a fair amount of time before letting go of the hand. I don't know if I could have held on for the win in that race or not for sure, but I wasn't going anywhere with a flopped set of King's.

We had a decent week as a team and still hold on to our slight lead for the trip to Vegas. It’s going to all come down to the last game of the season next Sunday. ( Just how it should be ) Brudder Carson came up with another big win, followed by Pebbles in second and Nutzy’s strong third. DonKaaa had a bit of an off week and poor TotalTilt, just couldn’t get a hand to play. The two times she did get decent starters, she really proved her skill, by reading the situations properly and laying down when she knew she was beat.

My Peb’s had a solid poker weekend on-line, final tabling all three MTT’s she entered. She took a 4th. in a 180 player event, another 4th. in a 90 player one and an 8th. in a 45 player game as well. But even she had a tough time at the races. Her 8th. place finish was the result of running A-A into a donkey who was feeling totally committed after getting caught raising with K-9 off suit. He hit the turn and river for two pair. Then yesterday’s second place showing for Team TuckFard, was the result of running her K-K into Q-Q. Another turn card comes and another race lost in Bedrock this weekend.

We all know day’s like these will come and go for sure. It’s just frustrating when even good solid poker, can’t keep them away for three days in a row.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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Hang in there babes!