All is right in Bedrock now....

The perfect combination of;

-My boy's DonKaaa and C.C.
-green where there was 3 feet of snow just a short while ago
-Thanks to Queen_K and mini-Donk-EH, a new Calloweee golf ball.


& this

and seeing my lover walk towards me from the 9th. green, and getting that feeling in my blood all over again.

SPRING has sprung !!!

Oh and I donked out in 15th. in The Riverchasers last night. And if you were there to witness it, you know I truly mean "Donked."

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Neilc999 said...

hey dude 15th, well done. carnt believe i tilted off on the hammer against lucko. I was trying to save myself to bust your ass lol. C ya in the skillz tuesay?