Since I donked out of the mookie last night courtesy of a call from work at 11:15pm. (while playing some damn fine poker and having a good time too!) I’ve had a fair bit of time to catch up on a few comments and questions posted here and there, about the who, what, where, when’s and why’s of Bam-Bam. As I sit here at 9:00am, a full 8 hrs. into the workday, (should that be work night?) I figured what the hell, I might as well address a few of them and kill a little time.

So for those of you who’ve asked, ( and those that are just truly bored enough to read here once in a while) I offer you: BAM-BAM UN-PLUGGED.

Q: What’s with all the hug B.S.?
A: Simple really! If you can’t figure out what I get out of being in the arms of some of the hottest females on the planet, man are you at the wrong blog!

Q: Do you really get NO sleep?
A: I wouldn’t say NO sleep, it’s more like very little. I typically start my days around 4:00’ish am. What makes things really difficult; I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. So it’s not uncommon to hope for an hour or two of sleep each night.

Q: Now that I’ve met you / seen a few pics, you’re not a kid at all! I figured you’d be so much younger.
A: That’s what everyone say’s. I must really look old! But I’ll tell you something, I’m a hell of a lot younger than most! I learnt a long time ago from someone going through some really tough times, if you’re not having a good time as you go through this life we live, why the fuck bother?

Q: How did the Flintstone fetish get started?
A: It didn’t. I’m actually not a huge fan of the show at all. I mean I know it and of course I’ve seen a few of them. But it’s really not a Flintstones thing. I’ve had the name
Bam-Bam for several reasons over the course of my life. The main reason was because of the drumming. During a show when it came time for band member introductions and the pre-requisite drum solo, Vince said he got sick of saying all the crap like “666 with sticks” or what ever else he used to say, and he just started pointing at me and shouting,

Q: Golf or Poker ?
A: No brainer, Golf AND Poker! Golf is my first love for sure, and I figure I’ll swing a club until I just can’t lift one anymore.

Speaking of which! If I can manage to get out of here for a few hours and get a little rest, “the Bear” is open and I have a round with DonKaaa lined up for this afternoon. It’s going to be great to kick his ass again.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by…..


BWoP said...


Crap. I had my computer plugged in when I read this.

Can't wait for more ((((HUGS))))!!!

Riggstad said...

$50 nassau's

all the junk

$5 skins with carryovers par or better to win.. birdies are double

I'll give you two a side

I take FT transfers :)

pokertart said...

a hug from Bam-Bam is no B.S.!

The Wife said...

I love your hugs! Kisses too!