Another comment that went way tooooooooo long....

First things first. This fired my ass up so.... GO READ IT !

Has the thought ever crossed my mind that players in the same room, same city or same family for that matter, are cheating against me? It's happened exactly once! And let me tell you something. The tone of the voice in question when I made my comment regarding it, told me everything I needed to know. I felt like shit for saying anything at all. Still in this day and age of wireless Internet, wireless communication, Internet gambling, Friends and family playing and the worst of all the evils out there, MONEY INVOLVED, I can see where one might wonder. I know that these are all things that crossed my mind, before I verbalized how I felt about 4 players in one house playing against me in an event. But then I made the right decision. I took a good look at the Friends I was thinking all of this about. I took a good look at the game we were playing, and then at what stakes were involved at any given time. Do I think my friends need my $11 so damn bad, that they'd need to create a cheat to get them from me in a poker game? Not a chance in hell!

There's some facts that I need to get out there. I not only am-not-a-geek, but I choose to live in the peace and serenity, that is Bedrock. I drive about 120 miles round trip to work by choice. I have hills, valleys and even a mountain to prevent that outer world from encroaching on my chosen lifestyle. That means I live with the choice, no matter what. When I want to play a game on-line, I dial up from 79 miles away and can barely keep up with the play at the tables. Yet I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Because I like to:

a) See my friends.
b) Play against the best.
c) Compete at any level.
d) Challenge myself at the damnedest of odds.

I won't speak of any deal, no matter what. That's between the players involved and that's all there is to it. I've seen deals that compared to this one, would make your head spin. I've also watched a man go damn near broke, (for his 2nd. time) to a former friend that wouldn't chop when 5 spots paid and he was busted out in 6th. The players can do whatever the hell they want. They earned it, by being in that position.

As for collusion efforts. I've played less than half of the BBT3 events and I'm in 30'ish place in points on 79 miles of dial-up. If someones doin' it, they ain't very good and I see no need to worry about it. Hell! If it happens and I'm kickin' their asses, 2 F'n funny !

I like to play, I love to laugh and in my eyes, I pay my bucks and takes my chances like everyone else out there. If that makes me naive beyond the capability of most, then I stand guilty as charged.

One thing to remember above all else, what do you want out of the BBT3? If it's actually fame and riches, I highly recommend taking the bankroll and tucking it away. Once it's of the correct size, go make it in Vegas during the WSOP! That's got to be a hell of a lot easier than making it $11 - $26 at a time while sitting with friends ready to throw the "Hammer" or "Bammer" at you.

I play the game for the love of friends and the love of the game. I've taken a crack or two and come up empty in the bigs. My lot in life is the game with friends and a belly full of laughter. I'll play those friends while a family of 3 is all sitting in the same house, I'll even play 'em when 4 or 5 of them are in the same house with headsets on and "chat" takes on a whole new meaning. I'll play 'em 'cause they're friends playing a game that we all love to play. They'd no sooner rook me out of my cash by cheatin' me, than build a shopping mall on my back 40 acres where we party.

Look around the blogger world! Homes made available to complete strangers, travel plans altered to pick up a straggler friend. Rooms split in Vegas by two players that took each other out in back-to-back blogger events. How many times do you read about these things happening? How about backing someone, who's been on the variance low express? It's a great world. You just gotta' open your heart and eyes to see it.

Kaja, I don't know exactly the right thing to say here, 'cause I don't exactly get where you were going with your thoughts. But when you read back into my post here, and then re-read your own, at least you can always say,


I just don't know what one of us we'd be talking about anymore!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


KajaPoker said...

Well said. I completely agree. I am probably the we todd did one here. I didn't mean to stir up so much trouble. I don't even care about this specific chop or the players involved in it. I was just thinking out loud about a hypothetical situation. I have not come across a single IIF that I would suspect of anything like this.

Hey, at least I got some people fired up, right?

BWoP said...

*hugs* to Bam :-)

Donkette said...

I ((((((((HEART))))))) BamBam