The Easter Bunny degenerate....

Not exactly sure what to do with my time on a beautiful Easter Sunday, I fired up Stars and joined in the fun that is the Brit Blogament. I figure degenerate's unite, when not sure what to do at the time! I had a chance to see some good friends, and meet some new ones as well. It was just a little short-lived! (heh)

I Gigli'd the friggin' thing after flopping TPTK, only to see the board bring a very obvious set where I knew I was beat. The hand was shown and I was relieved to have only lost only 1/4 of my stack. Then I played a hand of 2-5 sooted for free in my BB, that hit a set to my top card! My ever-so-cute check raise was then met with a bet of extrodinary preportions and I decided to let it go. Thankfully, I was shown the same made set, with an ever so 'slightly' bigger kicker. Another loss of less than 1/4 of my meagher little stack, and I feel like I'm playing some good cards on the evening, despite losing 1/2 of my starting chips.

You all know me! ....... Weeeeeeeeeee !

Then for the third hand I decided to play, I hit top two pair on the flop to a board with not much going dangerously against me. There are four players in the hand and I see the lights light up saying, "Dinner or big-stack Bam-Bam." Of course it quickly became Dinner. As the un-yet hit hand of Q-8 of hearts, was way to sexy to lay down with all of the betting that had occurred pre and post flop. I simply get runner-runner "flushed" away, by some stellar play on the part of my opponent.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, that was fun !

But then again as I always say, you pay and pick cards as you see fit.
All in good fun I guess. I think it always pay's to be the bigger person.
It just doesn't pay you in chips!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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