Belly laughs, the Hef-a-lump and.............. a Mini-Donk-EH ....

This'll be a quicky, and it has nothing to do with poker.

Last night a few of the TuckFards decided to relieve a little of the winter doldrums, by hurtling 16 lbs. of round projectile down some wood, in an attempt to destroy 10 shiney little white things.

You guessed it! The TuckFards go bowling!

What a scream! My evening was made perfect by four simple things.

1) Pebbles was not only there, but she managed to have a drink, ( or 10 ) and was in very rare form for the entire evening. A drunk Peb's is a very funny Peb's and it was great to see that side of her again. It's been awhile. Typically, these special moments are reserved for out on the deck in the Summer, while we enjoy the serenity that is the Hamlet of Bedrock.

2) Three words, ROCK AND BOWL !!!! Now I didn't expect to hear much of anything currently in the Bam-Bam collection, as that would be downright scary for the majority of the population fore sure. BUT, I was treated to some Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and just for fun, a little classic Cream. I was fully expecting to have to suffer through the likes of The Spice Girls and Britney Spears. What even made it better for me? The cutsie little 20 somethings were actually enjoying it! A group of 8 of them in the lanes next to us, actually asked if it could be turned up for me! Gives a kid hope that there just may be a chance for that generation yet!

3) The stoopid Hef-a-lump! There was one of "those" machines there. You know the one I mean. You pay $2 to move a claw around to just the right spot to try and grab a stuffed animal that's burried deep under a bunch of the stuffed animals you don't want, only to typically find out that the claw doesn't close at the right time and that it has the lifting power of a wet noodle. Well, DonKaaa and Queen-Kaaa had a treat in store for me last night. Just so I'd have someone my own age to play with, they brought out Mini-Donk-EH !! That could only mean one thing! We must get that Hef-a-lump! Granted it took six or seven tries, (but we never got skunked once and the 'Kaaa' household now has more stuffed animals than they'll know what to do with) that great big Hef-a-lump is hopefully happy to be out of that confining little machine and feeling rather comfy in the arms of my darling Mini-Donk-Eh.
The smile on her face as it slowly squished it's way through that tiny little hole and down to the prize collection door, was worth a $1,000,000 to me.

4) And finally, watching everyone come down to my level just for one night. What a cute bunch of little kids the TuckFards can be, when they just let it happen. Belly laughs that actually caused slight pain in the mid-section. Forcing me to bowl ala, "Fred 'Twinkle Toes' Flinstone." DonKaa doing his best to break the backstop at the ends of the lanes on almost every shot. QueenKaaa, Pebbles and even myself occasionally, taking that between the legs two-hander shot that can take an eternity to actually make it to the pins. Peb's pushed one down the lane that took so long to get there, I had time to get to the bar, order a round and bring the drinks back to everyone, before it knocked all ten pins down for a strike. (natch!)

Goofy grins, belly laughs and a bunch of TuckFards in their natural state.
If you can top that for a nights entertainment, good on ya'.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


StB said...

Rock and bowls are usually good times. Even when they play crappy non metal music.

Instant Tragedy said...

Rock and Bowls are ++Ev.
Especially when the Britney and the Christina are kept to a minimum, unless they are videos too... ;-)