I took a little RAZZ-ing....

Three and a ¼ hours of RAZZ, can really knock the crap out of a kid ya’ know? That’s how long I managed to hang in there last night at the Skillz game. It was interesting to say the least, but not for the normal reasons at all. No.. last night things were way more upside-down than usual.

The good news, I was surrounded by some very good friends through out the entire evening.

The bad news, I had some incredibly SICK stats on the night. Now there were 100’s of hands played obviously, so I don’t want to report on everything. But there were definitely a few low-lights that stick out in my mind when I review my notes from the game.

For example :

- 34 brings after the $200 level. totaling $7300 in chips!
- 3 hands of rolled up Aces !
- 4 hands of rolled up Threes !
- 3 hands of rolled up Fives !
- Rolled up Twos once !
- Starting hands of A-A-K in some form or another 18 times !
- Starting hands of K-K-x or Q-Q-x in some form 19 times !

I busted out to corron in the end, when my stack was in push or fold status compared to the bets required to play. I ran A-7-2 up against his ATC, (his stack size vs. mine, this was a no-brainer for both of us) and as per normal, I think I hit each of my cards through out the streets to make like a million pair or something, and I was done.
***NOTE*** Another great run to an 8th. place finish for corron.
This after a pretty big Monday. Great to see!

No cash but some more valuable BBT3 points for my efforts. Kind of amazing to me that I made the points at all considering the above stats! Oh and three pretty poorly played hands as well !

TwoBlackAces and I were involved in one fairly classic RAZZ hand that I ended up getting the short end of the stick on. We were both holding decent hole cards and our door and street cards all ran low. I had a tough time letting go of my hand and went all the way with it, hoping for that one card difference that would allow me the win. It didn’t happen and I lost a few two many chips on a decent chase, but a chase just the same. Then I tilted away a few chips to him about an hour or so later as well. Not really the classic “I’m just pissed about everything” tilt, just a sick of not getting cards to play and now I’m on brain-dead tilt. This hand I was able to let go of on 6th. street. This was one of those hand situations that I should have known was not only coming, but I was right in the middle of and needed to get out of it now. (Read PATIENCE) But I happily clicked call and clicked raise, with no regard to the boards or my stack until I finally snapped out of it. At least I provided TBA with a little giggle to go along with my chips.

Then I let go of one hand where by my math, I pretty much had to be ahead. I’ll never really know for sure since ANIguy wasn’t kind enough to show.
(don’t blame him at all but NO! I will not believe anything about whatever you say your cards were! Heh) But even though I was getting tired and not necessarily playing at my best, by my count at the time I think the probability was strong that I was good at the time and should have at least called. I reviewed that hand for some time.

But to go with these hands of course, I had to also have some decent ones to make it as far as I did. I did bust three players for 1/2 my buy-in back. There was also an early bonus getting all the way to 6th. street while jamming the entire time with this hand.

There were a few others where I just had the right hand design to get paid off. Three that come to mind were all fairly similar in nature and classic for the game of RAZZ. With me holding hands like (A-2) 4-6-9-3-(x) against hands of (5-6) A-4-10-7-(x) where I frequently managed to get call downs to the end and get paid very well.

So in the end, no I didn’t really bring my very best “EH” game to the madness that is the Skillz series with a bunch of fun blogger folk. But I do have to admit that I can still manage to see a few of the brighter spots from last night, and I always consider that to be a bonus for the evening.

Thanks to all my cheerin’ & railin’ pals as always!
It's always great to see a bunch of sick degenerates and hooligans…..

Whom I adore immensely! ;o)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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SirFWALGMan said...

My opinion you have to call if you went that far. That 1-8 times he is bluffing and bricked into a boat is worth it.