And the survey say's.....

Let's start with a special news flash. ***I-am-not-a-geek***

Well, I almost lost Bedrock and it was looking pretty gloomy for a while there. But thankfully one of the kids that works on the floor here is in fact, one of the real deal geekster's. He managed to pull a miracle out of his ass and undo everything I had done to the page as I was "making some improvements."

The false sense of security I've managed to garner from doing a little more stuff here and there on the site, OBVIOUSLY was way more false, than secure. Good lord, I-am-so-not-a-geek ! (heh)

Anywho... A while back I received a comment from a good friend, who mentioned that they could only read here in Bedrock on plain old black & white Bloglines. The reason was simple, it may be a different looking site from almost all of the others out there, but it was just too hard on the eyes in the end. This friend also has impeccable taste IMHO and it's advice I knew I should to take to heart.

So I have been playing around with colour combinations, various other fonts and even a thing-a-ma-bob here and there, and I think I've found a happy medium. But then again, I really liked it before so what the hell do I know? After all, I am not the Tiger of style.

So now I ask for your opinions. Simple answers if you get time will do just fine.
Is this better, worse or you just don't care?

I take no offense honest! Just messin'round trying to learn what works and what doesn't. Since I need to resign to the fact that I'll never reach full geek'dem status, maybe I'll learn a thing or two about taste and design! You never know.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


OhCaptain said...

I got a blog make over of sorts from a real nice lady named Nap Warden over NW Designs She's real easy to work with. Give her a shout if you need something.

Riggstad said...

looks great... Help ME out!

on_thg said...

I find anything with a dark background to be almost unreadable. I guess that makes me one of the bloglines-only crew.

Schaubs said...

You ARE the Tiger Woods of befriending the blogger masses though. Which everyone truly does appreciate, without a doubt.

Looks good Bammer!

A little change is always nice.

BWoP said...

I am the link for "what doesn't"??


I did the dark background light font thing for a while, and I got the same comments.

I would try to increase the font size just a bit if you want to keep this layout.

Just my 2 cents.

RaisingCayne said...

Looks good 'nuff to me. But then again, I have very low standards for most everything, so don't go relying on my insight.

I think this post would win an award for most creative use of links to friends. Nice work! (And thanks for not linking me under a reference to lazy and unmotivated!)

Thanks for the minor nag over on my page for me to post something (at least more than annually!) I'll get a half-ass trip report up soon, I'm sure.

Evy said...

I like the pretty blue color....i think its hot lol :)

pokertart said...

I like this better than your previous one. But I don't care either way - your colour scheme would have to be REALLY bad to keep me away ;)