Running the "Chameleon" gambit....

In an attempt to really get inside all of my friends heads and learn why and how they play as they do, I ran a little experiment last night at the Riverchasers game.

It was really a lot of fun but I can tell you this much for certain, only some of the experiment actually worked in my favour. Other parts of it were so successful, that I may forget how to be me again if I don't revert back immediately and give myself a good scrub to boot!

Here's a short list of some of the impersonations I managed to pull off last night.

Al = I was definately in a "happy" place as far as the booze was concerned. I also occasionally let the bar maid determine the next course of action for my hand, as she was fascinated by all the commotion in the chat box. (she went 5 and 1 by the way)

Fuel = Although my friend Presto started the game pretty agro, I did my best to take it right back to him when I had the chance. Then we actually had one hand between us, that nearly went to a showdown. Having seen dozens of hands shown down in the past and knowing that Fuel probably has a note on me that say's "will fold on the river with applied pressure," I decided that a simple call when I finally rivered a pair would be sufficient. My studies told my gut I was good and I took it down like the true Donkey I am. This is in no way meant to be a slam on Fuel. He's outplayed my ass on every occasion up until that one hand. I just had to see if my gut was right this one time.

Carson = I ran into a short stack and put him all-in, while I had a decent drawing hand. A drawing hand that ended up losing to QUADS !!!

The Worst Poker Player = When I reversed things and held the same pocket 10's that took me way down in chips on that last hand, of course I run into A-Q and lose my entire stack. As the deck managed to hit my opponents hand over and over again.

mookie = Knowing from experience that my friends would stick around and rail me to the end if I was still in, I was leaving the screen up and throwing in my 2 cents worth as needed in support. But I still wanted to play a little, rather than just rail. Having just read mookies recap from Wednesday night, I fired up two games and kept an eye on the Chasers tables as well. Miraculously, I cashed in both and made a few bucks on the night.

HOY = If you played against me last night, you'll just know by my bets exactly what this means. ;o)

Astin = Yes indeed! I had a run of card-rackedness that was almost Chef-boy-R-EH worthy. It was far too short to be fully worthy, but it was damn funny playing to people cheering "ELK-ELK-ELK-ELK" for a while there! Ah, good times.

Riggs = The words in the chat box read, "Phones on. Dial-a-shot me." I was out of 'the' game but still playing in the others. But when Al wants a dial-a-shot, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed the cell and a drink and found a quiet place to make the call. Funny that I felt the need to have some quiet around me, since I could barely hear Al with all the commotion coming from his local watering hole. But there I stood and even more important, the attempt was succesful. More good times! heh.

There were others as well but these were the real highlights of the gambit. It was an experiment of sorts, combining the booze and a few of my favorite personalities. I don't think I'll be trying it again in the too near future though. I read a quote from Rich Little once that went something like, "After trying to be other people all night. I need a little time to reflect on who the hell I am right now!" After last night, I think I know where he was coming from.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Bam, I was the opponent on both those TT hands. Deck hit me in the face on those two and couldn't have missed you worse.


RaisingCayne said...

Now you just have to learn how to copycat players like Lucko or TwoBlackAces... and "chameleon" your way into a BBT3 victory!