Vegas and Bloggers anyone.....

The Summer gathering is in the works and I know that Pebbles and I will be working out the details that will hopefully, let us attend. Falstaff has sent out the mass notifications and I see the responses are already starting to pour in. I personally think he's insane to try and be responsible for hearding a bunch of degenerates together for another go. But a very wise and wealthy man once said, "Crazy's a skill just like anything else!" and who am I to argue with Mr. Hughes?

We had such a blast at the last one despite it being shortened to a measly weekend of fun for us, it would be a real shame to have to miss out on this one. So that's my excitement for the day! Trying to figure out how to get in on the WBPT Summer gathering. I think I need a checklist.

- Convince Pebbles we should go. - No brainer! She wants to go as bad as I do.
- Arrange time off. - YIKES! Peb's new job could pose an issue.
- Arrange for funds. - YIKES! I better review all of the other expensive things I've slated to be doing this Summer. (Let's see, new clubs? Nah, my old ones are fine! Cancel trying to make Al's bash..... I don't think so!)
- Convince others, (cough*Carson*cough) that they should go, even if we can't.
- Book time off now, just in case! - Done.
- See how well this coordinates with the semi-planned TuckFard Vegas trip.
- Start contacting others to see who's in, and who needs to be talked into it.
- Man there's a ton of things to do still! I better just get to it!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Donkette said...

And don't forget to add a trip to Pennsylvania..........

BWoP said...

See you and Pebs in Vegas . . . if not before :-)

TanOrpheus said...

One year I'll be there, unfortunately not this year :(
The 5500 miles is a little too far for my bankroll, and I'm going to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley that weekend !