Frantic Friday : The Christmas Edition....

I'd worked for about a week now on another lengthy Christmas Wishlist to follow up on last year's effort. But a funny thing happened as I was working out all of the things I was hoping for everyone. They all ran into each other and blended together into the same basic thing.

See, after reading the WBPT Winter gathering trip reports, I came to the realization just how much I missed getting out to Vegas to see all of my friends. I think this greatly influenced how my Christmas Wishlist shaped up this time around. So I've come up with the same wish for each of you out there.

For all of my friends out there, currently invisible or not-so-much...... I wish for us to get together during at least one Blogger get together in 2009.

If it helps you at all, Peb's and I have penciled in EH-Vegas, (if Kat will have us!) Al's BASH, (we'll never miss another one again!) and next year's WBPT Winter gathering. Also, if the Tuckfards are going to continue our Feed the Monkey tradition, we'd be glad to host the event once again as well.

There's also the potential for a couple of Bam-Bam rages solo trips, as W.A.M. has held my serious interest for two years, only to not work out in either. Anyone in their right mind would want to meet Mookie. And that goes double for those of us who are not so much! Then there's Okie-Vegas. I miss my man G and could use a little quality time with him, to improve the person I currently am. These unfortunately, are not "locks." But there is a great deal of potential and I'm going to put the push on to get to at least one of them. When the trigger is pulled on either, it won't be about preference at all. It's all about timing these days for this kid.

So there you have it! A ton of notice to make my Christmas Wishlist come true. Now be a good little Santa's helper, try and see which event we may be able to hoist a glass, sling some chips or spend a little quality/degeneracy time together at. Now I figure there's about 70 friends or so associated with that list of links over there to the right, that means I'm wishing for about 70 face-to-face Merry Christmas' throughout the year 2009! Be it February, June, August, September or December. I'm making my list.... and to check off each name, would be far better than nice!

= = = = =

Just completely random...... Here's two of my favorite Christmas Carols. As always with me, there's a, "fun factor" to go along with some pretty great talent.

= = = = =

Lastly I need a Christmas Wish for my baby. I had to break it down into two.

I wish for a happy AND healthy Fred. We've all been through a lot, but I know how hard this has been on you and how it's taking it's toll at times, when you'd normally have a big laugh and smile with the ones you love.

Speaking of which, I also wish for a lifetime of moments just like this with you.

Great friends, big laughs, total comfort and the strongest Love imaginable. I may make a Wishlist and ask for this and that my Love, but in all honesty since I've been lucky enough to have you in my life, this kid wants for nothing else.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Happy holidays, brother. I'm sure we'll get together at least once this coming year.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice post, happy holidays to you and Pebs.

muhctim said...

Merry Christmas, my friend, to you and Pebs, and Bill and the whole fandamly. Somewhere this year our paths will cross, and I look forward to it.

lightning36 said...

I've got the first drink, bro.
Best wishes for you and your family.