Bam-Bam's Christmas Wish List ....

With everything family starting to kick into full gear, this will probably be it until after Christmas. So before I get too involved to get this done right, heres the official “Christmas Wish List” from Bedrock.

I truly hope each one, somehow manages to come true.

Al : I wish him all the best 08 has to offer. Including; reduced SoCo pricing, a win in The Mookie and Riverchasers (back-2-back of course) and a better looking afternoon shift where ever he happens to be at the time.
Astin : I wish that he manages to carry the success he has seen through the end of 07, well into 08 and beyond.
BadBlood : I wish for a new, (and even better, local!) thrash metal band to be discovered, for us to rock to.
Mr. Bankwell : I wish for Banky to get the Season win he wants so badly.
Bloody P : I wish B.P. nothing but the best in 2008. I wish him big pots and a happy heart.
Dr. Chako : I wish for his time to safely fly by until his return home. Then I wish for it to slow to a crawl during his first family hug.
Drizz : I wish for his Vikings to stick with Tarvaris Jackson. If they let him develop into the player he looks like he might be, he could become one of the best.
Falstaff : I wish Falstaff all the happiness and joy in the world. He deserves it. I also hope that he’ll continue on with his healthy ways. Healthy people just look happier.
Fuel_55 : I wish him dozen’s and dozen’s of great “Presto” stories going forward into 08.
I love them.
G_Cox : I wish you and your lovely wife nothing but health and happiness in 08 Gary. Now that I know you're a man-hugger, there's a huge one coming next meeting bud!
G-Rob : I wish for the return of the G-Vegas scene as it should be. Safe and legal games, where adults are allowed to think for themselves and spend their time and money on the entertainment of their choosing. A scene where local crime fighters will start to consider a Rapist or Pedophile, a far worse threat to society than any family man poker player. (with bad knees no less !)
Instant Tragedy : I wish for something to change that will let him come to our next get together. After Dec. 7-10, it just seems wrong that he might not make the next one. I also wish him lot's of laughter in the coming year.
Iron Girl : I wish this lovely young lady all the best in the new year. Oh… and I also wish for a “Peppers” concert in the Syracuse/Rochester area, so we can go together. ‘Cause that would be ½ way from home for both of us. Heeeeyy-O.
Kat : I wish Kat a stress-less and much more carefree and relaxing 08. And slightly on the selfish side, I wish that she gets the chance soon… to grab my butt. *grin
Maudie : I wish Maudie good health and only the best Karma going into the new year. Maybe some will trickle down my way too. Sometimes, Karma does that.
Mookie : I wish mookie the 100+ players he deserves for every Wednesday night in 08.
Otis : I wish the ringing would just go away and… I wish him the wisdom to continue on learning from the little drummer boy..
Pauly : I wish Pauly the best in 08. Hopefully, we’ll all gain the benefit of that. Since a happy Pauly seems to = a writing Pauly, “The Book” can’t be far off. I also wish Pauly the exact same luck, on our next Vegas adventure. (for both of us of course!) ;o)
PokerTart : I wish that no matter what, P/T will find some way to get herself and Banky out to Vegas with us next year. You were missed incredibly. :o(
RecessRampage : I wish him the best of luck in 08. Despite the fact that it seems his skill is doing just fine on it’s own, thank you very much.
“The Rooster” : I wish “The Rooster” continued success and mucho laughter in 2008. My Spanish is pretty weak these day’s but I will work on it, I promise.
Soy solamente feliz cuando mi hermano es feliz !
Cuando usted es feliz, soy feliz !
Surflexus : I wish for more good friends for Surf. I know, I know, he has hundreds already! But he has them because he is a good friend. Good friends can always use more. It just makes the world a better place.
The TuckFards : I wish them all the very best Christmas possible. I also wish that they’ll see a huge increase in attendance at their Monday night games on FullTilt. So spread the word if you know someone with $3.50 and some time on their hands at 7:00pm EST on Monday’s.
Waffles : Wow there’s a lot of work to be done here ! (kidding) I wish Waffles all the best that the holidays have to offer. I also wish him continued good health and happiness in 2008.
The Wife : I wish for the time to pass swiftly, until the safe return of her man. I wish that she slows down just enough, to realize the importance of doing some of the things on “the list” before time makes some of them, impossible.

To everyone else that's helped me become part of my wonderful
Kuh-myoo-ni-tee, I say thanks and all my best wishes, for a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


mookie99 said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes.

Happy Holidays!

BadBlood said...

Echoing Mookie's thanks. Have a happy holiday season with Pebbles.

katitude said...

TY babes! Right back atcha.

Let's play some pokah soon! I'm off until January 7th.

NutzFirth said...

Merry X max to you bam. I think we should plan a game at carsino next weekend. Say Saturday, I'll talk to Carson!

katitude said...

Make it Sunday, and I'm there! Pretty please :-)

pokertart said...

Thanks Bam! Hopefully the next Blogger gathering is in the cards for Banky and I :)

Wishing you and Pebs the happiest holidays!

Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and Pebbles....

Irongirl01 said...

XOXOXOXOXO back at you to you and Pebbles.

Eh Vegas perhaps for IG weather permitting in February.

Bloody P said...

Merry Christmas, yo.

I finally got you linked up! Consider it a Christmas present! Even though you'll probably get zero traffic from my site.

Aw dammit, now I'm depressed during the holidays.


Have a good holiday!


Maudie said...

The most merriest of merries to you and pebbles! Thanks for the good wishes.


Don'K' said...

Merry Xmas BamBam and Pebbles. Here are a few xmas wishes for two of the best people I know.

1) I wish for you to find work closer to home so you don't have to travel to the big smoke any longer. Peb's did it. So will you.
2) I wish for the poker gods to bless your cards with something other than 9-3o
3) Finally, I wish an early and long golf season and for you and I to have matches like we had in the good ole days.

1) I wish for lots of opportunity for you at your new job (which I know you will create anyways)
2) I wish you get another computer so both of you can play with us online
3) And finally, I wish you wouldn't hit your driver so damn far as to out drive BamBam and myself half the time. lol j/k

As for everyone else ... I wish that everyone is as lucky as I am to have the kind of friends that they can laugh, play and enjoy life with.

Merry Xmas all!!!!

GaryC said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to both of you. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. You can bet your ass there is a hug in the future for us. (a very manly hug, that is)