Half-assed reporting and my stupid EGO....

559 !

That's how many came out for last nights WBCOOP event.

Just as the event was about to start, I asked Peb's if she'd like to play the game with me. Her natural instinct was to say, "No, I just can't sit there and watch you play hun!" I told her I didn't expect her to just watch, I wanted her to play with me. I even promised her final say on any decision. That won her over.

Now as I've mentioned several times in the past, playing together isn't always the easiest thing for us to do. We have very different styles and thoughts about the game. Her's mostly succesful and correct, mine........... well let's just leave it at they're mine OK!

During the first hour, we communicated our thoughts very well and both made what ended up being great decisions. After watching two seperate players at our table, I believed that I'd found the chips that should make their way into my stack. I just needed the opportunity and I told Peb's as much. She had been focussed on another player entirely and made a decision to call a bet he'd made, "because it was an obvious steal!" She was right and our pair of Queens, was plenty good enough to win that hand.

With a healthy but still only average chip stack, we were shuffled off to a new table. We found ourselves at a table with Baywolf and Lightning. The first words out of Peb's mouth were, "stay focussed. Don't go getting all chat distracted!" You'd think she'd seen me play with my friends before or something! Sheeeeeesh.....

My personal favorite hand of the night? I think I was on or near the cut-off and holding pocket Kings. The player to my left had been playing the part of calling station ATM and I had a good hunch that he may just get sick of spewing them slowly, and make a big play with the last 900 or so. I made it 4x the BB to go and he instantly went all-in for the rest. It folded back around to me and it was a no brainer call. My K-K managed to hold against his 9-9 and another one was out of the game. That was fine and all, but the best part came when that player came back in the chat and called me a "fishie." Peb's ranted at the screen, calling the guy, "a Donk-assed idiot" I believe was the term! I just laughed and said, "Honey, I am a fishie. A fishie with about 75% of that Donk-assed idiots starting stack!"

And then we LOL'd. :)

Part of the title for this post comes from this scenario. After putting about 10% of my stack into the pot post-flop with an incredibly strong draw, my C-bet did nothing to deter my opponent who raised it up immediately after. Peb's said fold, I said he's stealing. Peb's said, "Fine, let him steal when you have nothing." I should've folded! I made the decision to call off a little more than 1/2 my stack and try to set up the hand for the Turn or River. Remember the part about Peb's having final say on a decision? Yeah..... I forgot that part for a split second. It cost me about 3/4 of my chips in the end, to come to the decision to fold after all and I was down to scraps. I'm actually not as mad about my decision in the hand and what it cost, as I am about breaking a promise to my Peb's. Now THAT's a Donkey play!

It came down to Bay's BB and me holding the Kd-Qd with only about 1000 chips back. My only chance to make it any further in the game, was to push and pray. Bay had a no brainer call and off we went..... and out I went! At least my chips went to a friend. :)

Speaking of friends, I had a ton of them in this game. So the first part of today's title, is what comes up next. I couldn't watch them all of course, but I did try to keep track of all my friends as best I could. Here's what I know about the ones I could keep an eye on.

Top finishers that I knew,

MEMPHIS MOJO in 4th. ! WooOOOooT Memphis!
Numbono ran all the way up to 17th.
Gadzooks had another impressive finish in 42nd.
Bay took my chips to an 80th. place finish.
Lightning busted out just ahead, in 85th.
MiamiDon out in 168th.
IronGirl in 177th.
Your's truly out in 181st.
Change100 busted 187th.
Spaceman 199th.
Julius Goat at 202nd.
Astin ran out of Aces in 224th.
AlCantHang in 275th.
Schaubs out in 331st.
BuddyDank in 380th.
MeanhappyGuy just before in 384th.
CKBWoP out 392nd.
and my fellow BB, felted in 456th.

I also want to throw a shout out to Grouse. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hey. Of course I remember you! I never forget any Blogger cherry I pop Sir!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


My final out said...

Nice to see you on the felt bam. I had a horrible tourney. My first 2 hands were QQ and KK and lost both to ace rag. That took about all of my chips. Stupid game. GL in the rest if I don't see you.


Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for coming by to my table last night.

lightning36 said...

I had a ton of fun at the table once you got there. Too bad Bay and I just missed the cut.

btw -- Pebbles still owes me a kiss or something, right??? he he

Baywolfe said...

Yeah, I probably had enough to fold my way into the money (ticket) but I tried to use an AdJd to double up and maybe make a bigger splash.

I got the call and had 21 outs but no hit on the turn or river and to the rail I went. No regrets though, it's Poker.

Glad Pebs was watching!

Wolfshead said...

Shame on you for breaking your promise. Pebs, smack him. Better luck in the next one. Don't know if I'm going to be able to make 10 tonight.