300 huh....

The little tab counter up in the top right corner as I look at and review my writing here says, 301 posts. Subtract the one draft from that, ( the post that I just can't seem to get just right! Does anyone else have one of those? ) and I guess this is post #300. Who the hell thought I'd ever have enough to say to spit out 300 posts of drivel and fodder? Oh wait! After reviewing my very first post here, I guess I did huh!

It was an interesting weekend of Poker for yours truly, with several on-line variations played and joining the TuckFards for some live Poker in their league play games, down at the Pub.

Interesting as in kooky!

The RnG was having a little fun at both Tilt and Stars, as I lost to Quads over Quads on each site and won with Straight Flushes over Full Boats on both as well. Here's one screen cap., for one of those Straight Flushes... because I always thought I was one of the worst players going, in NLHE.

The hand played out as follows;

I'd just taken a massive hit, when my flopped set of Jack's was no match for a rivered Straight. That set me back $2600 in chips to skunkiblack. It was my BB the very next hand and there are two limpers. I check my option with the 4h-5h and we see a flop of 6h-7h-Jd. I now have an open ended Straight Flush draw. I bet out small and both call. The turn brings me the most beautiful card in the deck, the 3h. BAM !!! I check to hopefully induce a bet from one of them and I'm not disappointed as the player to my left Mickey, makes it pot to go. Amazingly, skunky fires his entire stack at the pot! My dreams of a double up, just turned into a triple! I obviously, get them all in. What catches me totally off-guard, is Mickey has skunky covered and makes the call. When the cards actually flip up, I'm amazed at their holdings. maybe I shouldn't be, but I was!

The jam with air by skunki makes no sense to me at all, especially the way the hand and board played out. Call it a play if you will, I'm just sayin' it makes no frickin' sense to me, AT ALL! But what I'm really wondering is, does anyone else make the call with Mickey's set, with that board and two jams in front? Now it obviously worked out for him, but I don't think I make that call.

The next hand was just too funny not to talk about. Peb's was actually the player in the game and I was just killing a bit of time, watching her play. Pre-flop, two players raised and re-raised each other at minimum increments no less, until they finally got one of them all-in. It was a slow and painful process to watch actually! Funny as hell! but it really dragged out. Anywho..... here's how to lose with Aces full of Kings, with the fourth Ace, NOT in play.

After all of that goofy betting and dragging the hand out for so long, I was quite literally, ROTFLMAO as the cards were dealt out.

Sunday Peb's and I both stood in as spares for a couple of teams in the league game that the TuckFards are playing in again. We had said we'd spare, as long as we did not or could not, impact the TuckFards out come. I guess because of the number, (or lack there of!) of players that showed up, Peb's ended up being sat at table with NutzFirth. Then, I found myself seated beside Betraisefold a little later on. Not at all what we were hoping for! Up at Peb's table, it turns out that the only real impact that Peb's had on the outcome was running over the table early on, and finally finishing third after being knocked out in a Flush against Straight Flush situation against NutzFirth. If anyone was ever worried about TuckFards helping each other and trying to stay out of the way, I think that one hand alone, should put an end to those worries! Very good game to both of you kids!

Betraisefold was seated immediately to my right. DAMN! We've played a lot of Poker together and I knew there was a chance, we could get into a few rather large pots together. I was just hoping it would be later, rather than sooner! Apparently three of the players at our table, were among the top 10 in individual points for the league. I was also hoping, that this meant some pretty good Poker would be played. WELL !! It WAS Poker! :)

For the first three levels, Betraisefold ran all over me. My TPTK would have to be folded by the turn. Top two pair looked useless to a very coordinated looking board. ETC... ETC.... ETC. Then he made the biggest mistake he could make! he turned to me and said, "I love being a spare!" "A SPARE?" I said. "You're not playing for the team this week?" After nearly knocking him to the floor with a pretty good right cross to the left shoulder, it was time to REALLY play some Poker! Game on!!!

Now to set the record straight, I was not giving in to a fellow TuckFard! It was more like I was being a little more careful not to influence his outcome in the game. I would try not to impact his stack size, either for or against. That way, I could hopefully avoid negative comments from either side of the debate. But that all changed, knowing that I could not affect the team results in this game.

I think I outlasted Betraisefold by exactly one position yesterday, as right after I crippled him with a set of fives, he was put out of the game when he whiffed on a draw with a gazillion outs and had no chips left to scare anyone away. I then ran quite a few orbits with nothing playable coming my way and increasingly escalating blinds. I ended up going out in almost the exact same fashion, holding the Ah-Qh, with a flop that read, Kh-Jh-6s. I was up against pocket 6's. (almost never see those coming!) I had any heart and any 10 two times, but failed to improve. Still a ton of fun though, as Peb's and I have really missed Team TuckFard Poker this year. It was great to see everyone again!

And speaking of great friends! I can't wait to start reading all of those great trip reports from the WBPT Winter gathering kids! Let's get them up here kiddies!

Finally, I found a bit of wisdom over the weekend as well. I thought it prudent to share with you, the faithful readers of my little corner of the intertubes.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Baywolfe said...

I'm still not 100% convinced that there's not a "clear tables" algorythm on FTP that arranges these beats.

I know everybody plays looser but, c'mon.