The Drive to play....

Well, day 1 of the WBCOOP is in the books for yours truly.

I finished 124th. of 450 runners in the PLO game. Hmmmmmm... I'm an Omatard and I still finished close to the top 25 percentile? Bizarre I say!

It all started out fairly simple enough for me! "Hey, (insert random I/T guy name here!) Can you do me a little favour? Can you turn your back on anything that looks like it's happening on my computer for say...about..... 2 hrs.?"

"UH sure, I guess so."

And so it started! In full stealth mode, I downloaded Stars at work and got myself into the game. My goal? Be at around $2500 chips, (starting stack) at 3:00pm and head home to see if I survived. Anything more than that, was pure gravy.

The first hour was......... interesting! In that way that says, I'd like to repeatedly drive a sharp object into your eye socket and when it's not in there, you can win a hand or two. I went two orbits without playing a single hand. Then on about the 19th. hand of the game, I'm dealt As-Ks-Ad-Qd. I like it and after 3 limpers, I make it pot to go. Six of the eight at the table, make the call. I figured this was a sure sign of things to come.

The next sign, was this hand. I got in for cheap, (1/2 pot) and get to see a flop. It was after that flop that Jam-a-haulics unanimous took over. I'm sitting there with nothing of any strength except, a pair of Kings and an open-ended middle straight draw. With three others in the hand, I figured that at least one set had to have been made and with the way everyone was chasing early on, it was only a matter of time until a Flush was made for sure. I dumped my hand......... Only to see the turn and river do this.

Later I flopped a boat and slow played it until the river. I get my chips in and get the call I'm looking for, from a poor soul that made a smaller boat on the river card. I felt bad! Well....OK..... not REAL bad!

Two hands later, I flop a boat again. Shifting gears, (as it were!) I get lot's more chips in the pot before I un-coil the beast from within. Only to have calling station numero uno, make a larger boat on the river that time and, I'm back to square one!

I managed to get back to $2300 right at the break. Of course this was right after having back-to-back rivered Flushes get there against me, after I'd made two top sets and my opponents were both holding NADA until those rivers. Ces't la vie !!! It is after all, OmahahahaDRAW.

So off to the wheels I go. I jump into the Deathmobile and set a new personal best for I.T.D.T.! (In The Door Time) My normally one hour commute, was shortened to just a measly 41 1/2 mins.! WooooOOOOooooT ! I sit down, log on and get ready to play.... only to see this.

All that rush to get back in the game and I see that I'm all-in on my BB. Surprisingly, my pair of two's does not improve and I am done.

Seems my table played 6 or 7 handed for the vast majority of that second level. Also seems, they got a few, (TONS!) extra hands in too! Three of the originals from the start, had amassed stacks upwards of $13,000 and the guy two to my left (who was sitting out) had $24,600 in his stack! Apparently, my table was where you came to get knocked out of the game. Anywho.... My calculations ended up being a little, (WAY!!!) off. I go home in the 124th. spot and only really played for the first hour. Thanks to Tan and Drew for the early rail. Great to see you both as always.

So now I have all this extra time on my hands and no real plan to use it. I took a look to see who was left in the game that I know and was pleasantly surprised to see four familiar names. So I opened up the four tables and railed, Tan, VinNay, Scotty and Gadzooks. At first I thought I was going to be the ulti-railer! As both Zooks and Tan took down pots in the first minute I was watching. Then Zooks took down another pretty descent pot just a little bit later. Look over and see that VinNay is gone. NOPE !! He's jumped over to Tan's table. Only three tables to watch now, sweet!

Scotty never really got anything going and busted out 104th. (20 better than me! ;) ) VinNay hung on and hung on, but ultimately busted out in 95th. Then with only five players left until the magic #72, Tan made a move and then backed away at the last second. That left him with a grand total of one BB plus a little change. That was the beginning of the end for my friend. But 77th. out of 450 in the minefield that was Blogger Omahahaha, not too shabby in my books Sir.

So I was left to focus on Zooks. Just before Tan busted out, Zooks took down a pot that brought her stack up to about $13,000. I knew right then that she had enough to qualify and win her ticket to the finals, and she did. Finishing in 50th. overall and playing some good solid Poker, all the way through that I could see. Congrats to you Zooks!

While watching two of the tables, I saw something that just totally blew my mind. Take a look at the Dealer chat in both screens.

Two tables in the same event at the exact same time, had boards that read particularly Flushy and even Straight Flushy to be honest. And a player at each table makes the correct call with nothing more than a pair of Aces? I don't know what those odds would be on that ever happening in just one game, but to see it happen on two tables at the same time, kind of surprised the hell out of me.

TuckFard games ran last night. Good friends showed and muhc laughter was had. Despite my making it to the final table, Suzy_Q kicked my ass in the NLHE game. My second place finish to Wolfy in the Omaha/8 game however, helped me make a little profit for all of my hard work, dedication to the game and of course, last but not least, plain old stupid luckboxery.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

Thanks so much for the rail!

I wasn't paying much attention to the chat - too busy checking my status.

Now that I have a seat I'm gonna go all lagtard on their asses and try to win a prize in the rest of the preliminary events and try to lockout some seats for the Main Event!

Good Luck to you! I'm sure you'll score a seat yet!

TanOrpheus said...

Thanks for railing ! Must be the first time I've folded my way out of the money lol.