Well, it is pretty....

I'll be back tomorrow with more details, but it looks like today will be spent digging out from the nearly 4 feet of snow dumped on the Cave here in Bedrock.

Hopefully I'll be done in time to play in the TuckFard I NLHE at 7:00pm on FullTilt and the TuckFard II Omaha/8 that starts at 8:05pm, also on Tilt. If you think you can make it out to join us, the P/W for both as always is donkey. These games are an awful lot of fun, particularly for the measly $3.50 entry fee.

Hope to see you there!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

I've been waiting for this post...

Here's my list of must hits with a snowball:

Carson: Make sure you airbrush a Sixers logo on the snowball before you throw it directly, and perfectly at his forehead. Be sure to use permanent ink when you airbrush.

Pebs: Soft enough not to hurt her, but moreso to piss her off so that she retaliates with a flurry of ice balls like they're coming out of an automatic tennis ball machine

Kat: Just cause I think it will make her laugh. HARD!

Astin: Be sure to it's laced with some kind of exotic spice so as to give him a reason to save the remnents, use it in a stew, and then post about it. With pictures. Twice.

Donkaa: This one is tricky... I need you to make a snowbomb on this one. Get up on your roof. Rig it so that it deploys as he tries to enter the house when pebs calls him in for hot chocolate. Then take pictures!

You: Since I can't be there to do it myself, just have a pretend snowball fight with me. Throw a few in the air and get under them so they hit you on top of the head.

Merry Christmas to all up there!!

Goatlady said...

I would love to have SNOW!!! I just have this COLD COLD, and have to keep breaking ice for the critters. NOT fun, but snow, atleast its an adventure finding the critters! See you tonight at the TuckFard games!! for warm company!

Memphis MOJO said...

Hope to see you at the Tuckfard Open!

This is unlikely to gain any sympathy from you, but I supposedly live in the sunny south. Today on the way to work, it was -15 F or -26 C. Brr.

CEMfromMD said...

I hope to be able to play, but it seems like a lot of my poker time lately has been taking up by my and Mrs. CEM's new addition, our little Katie. I will be back, just not sure when!

Memphis MOJO said...

Oops, my numbers were wrong. It's 15 F which is -10 C. Still brr, though.

Baywolfe said...

Remind me to never complain again when it gets cold down here. Good GAWD, four feet?

Even if you're exagerating that's more snow than I've seen in 25 years. COMBINED!

The Wife said...

I can't seem to comment on Friday's post - but that picture of you and Peb's is BEAUTIFUL!!!

She is stunning there!

Love you - happy holidays!