Peb's said, "that's a big Pecker"....

Well finally... a nice calm day! The prediction is for only five or six more inches of snow. That should be fairly manageable, after everything that came down over the weekend.

Like I said yesterday though, it sure is pretty!

I don't really have my daughters eye when it comes to taking great pics, but I kinda' liked the way "The Cave" was framed by the tree branches in this one.

While I was having a chat with Zooks via I/M the other day, she asked me how much snow we actually had on the ground. I wasn't sure of the proper answer to that, as I hadn't really been keeping track. So I took these two shots for her. The railing on the deck is of your standard 48" high variety. Oh yeah! And the deck had been cleared of snow just 24 hours before this shot. (to let Peb's get to her Bird feeders)

I took this one just for fun. It's always good times when your 30" high x 36" wide snow blower, cuts under the snow instead of through it!

We could see "phase 2" of the storm was coming as we looked down the road. The wall of white was actually pretty damn impressive!

Impressive enough as a matter of fact, to convince me that inside would be the place to be for the next little while! I made it inside just in time to see the great white wall of weather, hit the barn out back.

It's really a shame that I have no talent with a camera! The shot I tried to take as the storm front was halfway through the back yard, would've really been spectacular! Instead, it turned out to be just a blurry mess. :(

Ah yes! The reference in the title of this here post!

My Peb's loves having her birds around. She has four feeders out in the back and feeds to attract an incredible variety throughout the year. But Winter is always her favorite time to attract her fine feathered friends, as she tends to see more of one of her favorite species..... The 'Pecker.

Yesterday she called me to the Kitchen window with just one sentence. "Honey! I've got a big 'Pecker hanging around my box!"

For the record, that 'Pecker is of the Pileated variety and once he grows up just a tick, he'll be bigger than any Crow or Raven. You should see the carnage these things can cause, with just a few love taps at a tree!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

OMG! That's not a big pecker, that's a HUGE PECKER! Obviously a Canadian, we don't grow Peckers that big in the US ;)!

Awesome pictures. I don't envy you your weather. We're getting more snow and ice over the next couple days. We may actually get stuck at home for xmas this year.

Baywolfe said...

We get Downys and Red Headed peckers down here but nothing like that. What a monster!

Good talking with you and playing against Pebs. Wish I could have stayed longer ;-).

Memphis MOJO said...

Great photos! Thanx for sharing. I like the first two -- good job framing the Bedrock cave. Does the first photo have a horse in it, or is that a donkey?

Hairy Gymnast said...

Wow - real snow!
We get snow over her, but it melts and becomes slushy within hours.
And that is the point where I fall over...

Have a good christmas!

lightning36 said...

I guess any pecker would look big after ... nevermind ... he he.

The Wife said...

Only you would be so lucky as to have a bird pose for you like that so that you could use the "Pecker" joke . . . :)